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Moving towards a release, beta update 4 sees introduction of the Ancient temple, some nasty and tough spiders, and a portal. On top of that many interface and bug improvements got added this week.

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Moving closer and closer to a release of the game, September is looming and no idea if I'll make the release, but progress is great. Only a few days since the last update, and already a bunch of new stuff and improvements to old stuff was made.

The latest update comes with a new special zone: Ancient temple, but also a huge collection of interface improvements based on feedback and requests, and a bunch of bug fixes.

I also sneaked in a new creature and a "nest room" for the "Spider" which comes in two shapes. Still have to balance the spiders a bit more, but let me know what you think! Basically the spider will mostly show up in later levels, with the "mommy" spider spawning a bunch of smaller spiders, the arcade part of the game really shines here as you try to fight your way through the spider nest shooting them left and right while avoid getting touched.

The Ancient temple is the second "special zone" I added to the game. The zone will give you a high drop rate of loot, but also a very challenging amount of monsters. So depending on your state you might wanna skip the zone if you happen to stumble into it.

Gavin is also hammering his instruments, working on the 2nd tune for the game. Both tunes are now in the beta for you to enjoy, just keep in mind they are still being worked on.

Finally, just a reminder for those who are wondering, the beta-access is available for people who pre-order from So if you are reading this and go "hey, I wanna try this out" then go there, and then come back with a steam key !

For a full list of what was changed in this update, check the Steam community.

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