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I wanted to write a quick update on this old mod I am reviving to peak some interest.

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Hello all,

welcome to my mod for SCP containment Breach but in 2D this is a little bit different for an update firstly let me start by saying I am reviving this mod as of now and will actively work on it when I find the time, basically I wanted to revive this and make a proper version that plays as well as I'd like and is up to my standard, that being said I've rewritten the entire base code and game only thing that remains are the assets and most are place holders, I plan to rework when I have the time, an example is 173, I did some updates to his sprite and coded his ai from scratch and added a blink mechanic to the game every roughly 5 seconds the player has a 500 millisecond time frame where there screen grows dark this activates a stage called blinking, while active SCP-173 is able to move freely and can kill the player this is significantly more refined and accurate then the old version, I've also done the liberty of adding key cards and other various items to the game everything is from scratch no RPG maker engine, just pure hard coded behavior with that being said I am recruiting anyone who can properly code in lua besides myself, and anyone willing to make better sprites, or do general level design,and testers are always welcome of course if you would like to participate in any of these please contact me directly here and I'll link my discord and contact information, please stay tuned for more updates and content while this is containment breach its a bit more expanded in content such as containing SCP 610 and other instances of SCP's not found in the original game.

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