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I've been making progress on the mod. It's going a little slower due to school but it's like 75% done.

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"Weed, and Greek counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test." - GLaDOS

Hello again. So I've made some progress on the mod. I've replaced all of GLaDOS's lines from test chambers 00-16, with a few lines in 17. I've changed some textures and added a couple more sounds as well.

I don't know when this will be done for real, but I'm hoping before my semester ends. So before May. Who knows?

Also, I had a couple ideas for other, more serious mods after this one. One of them involves me going into the Portal maps and editing them(to create a new story), while another involves me making my own original maps, which I'm still learning how to do but slowly getting the hang of it. I don't know which one will come first but we'll see.

I've taken some new screenshots of the mod shown below. I'm only showing some of the early test chambers(AKA before the second Portal gun) because the latter parts of the game I want to be a surprise :).

I hope they look obnoxious enough.


testchmb a 030006

testchmb a 020003

testchmb a 020005

testchmb a 040007

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