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What happened to the project, why it's dead, what happens now, and releasing what we had done so far...

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Wow, it's been a while since we've posted on here! Sadly since the last time we do not bring good news, ever since we were reported on PayPal, the donations stopped, etc, the members that did get that money were losing interest in the project. So yes, this project is now dead at the moment. We made great progress engine wise, especially with the graphical features, along with other assets which we remastered, but in the end it started to feel more like stressful work, with a huge burden being placed on one or two members. We tried to get help, we tried to find additional members to work on the project to ease the load, but those that could help us already did, and anyone else just wasn't interested. So it got to the point where working on this felt like real work, and that's not fun.

So, unless we could get more help, the project was killed, one of the team members (ASH) has uploaded his WIP build of the game so people can at least try out some of the new changes and see for themselves the new features (NOTE: There are NO new missions in this build and if anything, current missions may be bugged, this was a graphical build), you can find the download links here in this post:

Remember that is is a WIP build, there's bound to be bugs, errors, missing text, glitches, etc, as we had not yet moved on to the bug testing phase of this build as that's normally done a few weeks before release (and we were WAY off target already). So for those of you who want to see how far we got, or want to try out the controller stuff we added, etc, feel free to download that build and have a play around, but if it doesn't work, then we can't help you, there's no one working on this anymore.

So, all in all, those of you that have supported us and helped us over the years, thank you, everyone else, also thanks for screaming at us like we owe you something. Peace!

DeXiaZ - - 974 comments

Sad news...well, guys, you're great! No matter that it's dead now, I appreciate your work anyway!

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pvcf Online
pvcf - - 4,943 comments

very sad to read -.-
i dont understand two things:
-why paypal have freezed the account
-did your team really worked only for and from the paypal money ?

usually paypal will unlock the account after some time, is there any chance that you or your team will proceed ?

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Luten Author
Luten - - 235 comments

At first most of the team worked on it because we wanted to provide you guys with a proper port, but as with most things in life, real work gets in the way, one of the people working on the project is now actually working for a real game dev studio now! The donation money was used to try and keep some people working on the project, but once that stopped, other actual paying commitments took priority and thus the project itself was constantly pushed back or side lined.

Those of us who didn't accept any money, it eventually felt like it was only one or two of us working on the project alone for weeks on end, and that's a lot of stress, which eventually just caused us to give up.

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pvcf Online
pvcf - - 4,943 comments

thank you for the answer :)
i personally in my 7th year of modding (one project ^^), so i can say: take a break, hold on and collect some spirit, maybe you have enough energy in some weeks or months to start again :)
i totally understand the money frustration, i'm in the same trap, i also understand you, if you feel you and your partner do the most work but other get donated money for, that is ofcourse totally unacceptable.

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EnForced61 - - 1 comments

Probably way too late. But will ask it however. I will happy if you answer me but I don't get my hopes up. So hello.

Just yestrday I found out about your mod and i'm playing it right now. 10/10 for you guys. When I try to update my game I wouldn't update. It says update unavailable right now. Had some crashes there and then but ok I found some save games of mission that are passed so I can avoid crash. I know you stopped this project but if there is any chance you could give me download to latest build(latest stable build. Not stable like official but latest before latest dev build.) with all fixed stuff and added mission so I can enjoy even more of your great mod I would highly appreciate it if I got it.Once more thank you for one beatiful mode. Personally I though it was something thar Rockstar made and I had to download it . :D

Cheers and hoping you will continue this project.

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