Post news RSS An update on some of the previously unspecified details of the mod.

An update on some of the previously unspecified details of the mod.

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Hello everybody, I'm aware that I've been being extremely vague about what this mod actually is, but that was largely due to my business at the time of making this page, and my unwillingness to spoil any part of the story I still want to be a surprise.

A bit of backstory:

This mod was originally concepted when testing out realtime-reflections in Portal 2, and then first evolved into a remake of P.T. (Silent Hills playable teaser) on the Portal 2 engine. Before I finished it, I scrapped the map and began working on this mod instead, but the experience taught me a lot about asset creation and scripting, as well as helping me come up with the story and the compelling environment-based horror gameplay that I hope the final mod will also offer.


The mod will offer as its biggest feature an extended look into the history of Aperture. The look of the facility has been revamped to look better and more realistic than before, and has been designed to create a feeling of consistency between the eras of Aperture.
The story will be told from the eyes of Cave Johnson as he reflects on his life and career, in a dying dream that turns into a nightmare as he remembers parts of Aperture's history that he tried to cover up, and dwells on his possible legacy. Cave will not be a silent protagonist, but the gameplay will take place almost entirely in first-person to aid immersion and keep gameplay consistent.


Relatively the same style as Portal 2 for a large chunk of the game, but with an additional element of horror in specific areas.

Rough Expectations:

- Release time-frame: Q1 2019 (Discretionary)
- Total maps: 14 playable, additional ~3 for creating cutscenes
- Total maps nearing completion: 1 :(
- Total cutscenes: ~5
- Total cutscenes nearing completion: 0
- Fully custom OST
- Final release will hopefully be on Steam as a free mod
- Will require a Steam copy of Portal 2 on PC

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