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A small update and news about the progress of the mod, even if the news aren't that great.

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2015 didn't start that well for both me and the mod. It was the begining of January when I learned something that every modder should know "Always make backups", and I learned that the hard way... Not only lhould a modder make backups of the game's original files but also backups of one's own work.

In the begining of January my computer broke, a problem in the hard drive, all my files, my documents, my work were lost in a stupid hard drive problem, an hard drive I should have replaced a long time ago by the way... and stupidly I never backedup any of my work...

So what will happen, you ask? First of all, I'm still comitted to work on the mod, so don't think this is a final blow to the mod. Second thing is, that due my studies, updates and news are going to be reduced to a minimum (but you already noticed that).

What is happening since January? What is happening now? What will happen tomorrow? What has been happening is that I'm trying to recover my old work, the problem is, that I'm making it all again, few things were spared (some textures that I had on my pen drive or even some small models). In this pursue of recovering my work I'm mostly interested in textures and data editing, as I'm leaving the 3d modelling for later, since it's very much possible that the AoE3 modding community will see a breakthrough in the modelling branch, sometime soon, so I prefer import my models after these breakthroughs, as you can imagine.

Also I'm going to work on a restructure for the mod, I've realised my original plans were very... what's the english word for it... ambicious, I've realized I need to settle for less first and then move to the ambicious part later. So expect news for the mod's restructure soon, there aren't yet any defined ideas but some thoughts that come to my mind include reducing the timespan, working on a more limited number of civs first. I'm also developing new gameplay wise ideas such as bonuses, gameplay types and features, and more, but once again, I'm keeping them secret for a while.

Well this is all for now, sorry for the trouble and have a nice day!


Hey man sorry about your loss. What I do is I backup all my important files on Dropbox so they are always available. I also have a thumb drive and an external hard drive. My computer is backed up about weekly. This is so I don't lose any files for my job or progress on my mod. Dropbox is only about $10 a month and an external drive is cheap too. Sorry again, hope you continue and the mod finishes!

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