Things have gotten into an unexpected turn, I'm trying to repain what's going on.

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So far, many hardcore modders will probably be dissapointed and even cringe about reading this, but so far, I have only been modding Warband wtihout using the Modules System, I belived it was just an alternative way to mod the game and the usage of the Module System was completly optional, however, it seems this way is the only actual way to propper mod the game, and all this came to a conclusion when I was adding a new NPC/Companion into the game at the time of adding the "morality" of the NPC, where the vanilla "Scripts" file is completly absent of said parameters and they're only available if I utilize the Modules System. I have attempted to create from the ground up the mod again, with a new folder and install the Module System in said folder, however, Python doesn't seem to want to work by giving errors by not recognizing the .py files. I have been hours trying out different versions of Python but none of them work, I'm about to lose the little remains of patience and sanity left in me. So development is on pause until I'm able to start again with the mod, my apologies about my unexperience and my lack of knowledge in modding into this game.

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