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Little news, to thank you, and to announce the coming of Ammo².

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After a while of developing Ammo, I think it has reached it's final version.
I'm really satisfied with the final result, it is everything I wanted it to be. It was also the reviews and comments that kept me going, making me want to go for more. It may sound like something generic, like something everyone would say, but now I know why they do. Thank you all for your support, even if we're talking of something as small as this.

After a while of considering, I thought of making a version of Ammo for Max Payne 2, naming it Ammo².
Since Max Payne 2 is more flexible in a lot of areas, this mod could go further than it's predecessor, adding some more interesting and cool features. I will also try to recreate as many original features as possible (Lay Prone will be one of them). I'll start after a while of break from studying and as soon as I have enough time and will.
Until then,
See you, and thanks again.

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NICE!! Can't wait.

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Oh thank God! I tried the Payne Effects mod for Max Payne 2 but it makes the game so weird, glitch y, buggy and unrealistic. Can't wait dude!!

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Good news!

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