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1 - Bold - Complete episode in Hard Mode
2 - Housewife - Complete episode in Normal Mode
3 - Girl - Complete episode in Easy Mode
4 - Fugitive - Complete the chapter "Broken Base" on any difficulty level
5 - shadows - Complete the chapter "Night of Blood" on any difficulty level
7 - Water rates - Complete the chapter "The River" on any difficulty level
8 - Track - Complete chapter Way for Nova Prospekt "on any difficulty level
9 - Time is running out - Complete any chapter in less than 10 minutes
10 - Iron Woman - Complete any chapter undergoing up to 30 maximum damage to health
11 - Anti-Strider - Kill the Strider without take damage
12 - Anti-Air - Kill the helicopter combine without take damage
13 - Anti-Bug - Kill the Guard Antilion without take damage
14 - Immune to infection - Kill 100 zombies
15 - Flies - Kill 100 headcrab
16 - An army ... - Kill 500 combinations
17 - This is an ant? - Kill 100 antilion
18 - Do you have a license? - Kill 15 enemies with the Overcraft
19 - Heavy Fire - Kill 50 enemies using the AR2 Combine fixed
20 - Death barrels - Kill 50 enemies with explosive barrels
21 - This is more than a gun! - Kill 100 enemies with the primary Alyx Gun
22 - Double Fire - Kill 100 enemies using the secondary Alyx Gun
23 - True Combo - Kill 15 enemies consecutively in 30 seconds without take damage
24 - The Art of the explosion - Kill 5 enemies at once with a grenade
25 - Death architects - Kill 15 enemies destroing the surface where they sit
26 - hey i'm lucky! - Find a secret place marked lambda
27 - Hound - Find 10 secret places marked lambda
28 - Questuant - Find all the secret places marked lambda
29 - Time is right ... - Find and collect the Alyx Gun
30 - Thanks, I gladly accept! - Find and collect all the ammo for Alyx Gun scattered throughout the episode
31 - Bullet Proof - Find and collect the energy flak jacket
32 - This isn't a Ferrari but ... - Find and use the Overcraft
33 - Outlaws - Corrupting a force field combine
34 - Command me! - Corrupting a rollermine
35 - Where we met? - Find "???" for the first time
36 - Survival - Unlock Survival mode Alyx
37 - Around the World - Complete at least 1 level in all base maps on any difficulty Survival
38 - King of Survival - Complete all 10 levels on any map on any difficulty Survival
39 - Suicide - Complete all 10 levels on any map Survival hard difficulty
40 - Partners - Complete all 10 levels on any map on any difficulty Survival with one or more online partner
41 - PROfessional Sniper - Perform 50 consecutive headshot on any enemy
42 - PROfessional Killer - Collect 5,000 kills in any Mode
43 - PROfessional Archaeologist - Find "???"
44 - PROfessional Master - Kill 50 enemies consecutively without taking damage
45 - The real PRO - Unlock all the other achievements

I HOPE THE TRANSLATE IS GOOD and YES the achievements are impossible but i like these xD


How do you add these if you can't edit the source code or add them as steam points?

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I only know English :(

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If only i could read whatever language this is.

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MatteoPotestà Author

in this moment i don't know how add these but i remember that also in gmod there are achievements (i don't know exactly if it's the same thing but it's possible)

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look into scripts, i know another mod is doing this, its not "steamwork" compatible, meaning that it wont show up on your steam blotter, but a script would simulate achievements and would still save with the mod.

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"18 - Do you have a license? - Kill 15 enemies with the Overcraft"

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A little question for the first 3 achievements:
If you play on hard through the game, will the other be unlocked as well?
Because it would be dumb if not, nobody wants to play easy if he looks for a challenge.

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Kasumi Krystal
Kasumi Krystal

If steam decides to support you you might do it.

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