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Do you want to help our mod out with some of your skills to expand your experience and portfolios?

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We have come a long way since we started this mod in September of last year. Yeah its been that long already. We have worked with lots of great people. Whether they do one model or animation for us or whether they become a core member of this team they have all helped us greatly.

But we could still use some more help. We could use some...

Character modellers

Weapon modellers (also need a few existing weapons edited as well)

Environment artists

Mappers (need the RO2 SDK for this)

Animators (more on a need basis)

The Americans are in desperate need of winter uniforms or they'll freeze to death. As do the British. But If you specifically want to make a certain Character model for any faction in any time period after January 1944 that could be arranged if we don't have it already.

Still need some weapons done. Including weapon modifications. Things like the Webley, M1A1 Thompson, M2HB browning, luger etc. And again if you want to do any other particular weapon you can suggest it and I'll say if its possible or not.

Environment artists to make assets for maps and such French, west German and Italian style buildings or destroyed buildings or a german sentry box or a 1940s rubbish bin. Anything really.

If you have made maps in the UDK or for other games that use the Unreal 3 engine with their SDKs adjsting to the RO2 SDK isn't hard. There's tutorials everywhere of what to use and the kismet is relatively simple wouldn't even need any prior kismet experience if you don't know what it is. But of course maps do take a lot of time to make.

Animators would really just be putting their names down until we get something to animate. Which there are a couple of things around usually. Currently we have been getting AMG to do all our weapon animations but it would be better if someone out there did a few. Of course it will have to be up to standard.

If you can think of a way to help us in another way that isn't listed here you can offer us your assistance.

Anything you do make you can use for anything such as your online portfolios and resumes. As it's your creation.

Either contact me using a private message on here. A private message not a profile comment. I don't get notified of profile comments so I often miss them until 3 weeks later. Or you could email me at

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