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As the engine evolves, LBZ evolves as well. This means a lot of fresh stuff...

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In the last year, our coder was quite busy and brought CellBlock9, our engine, to new levels of stability and performance.

For the rest of the LBZ team this means: back to the scratchboard and use it!

.. and as we are on it... why not give the whole game an overhaul?

Things done:
- new freedom: players are no longer bound to each others screen
- new speed: a common speedup of flight speed as well as new ways to get faster to your opponent
- new keys: extra keys for block, FRY!(tm) and {dowm,right,left,ki} reduce the problems newbies have with these
- improved combo system: melee has been cut down to the essentials, punch, kick, heavy punch and will only and intuitively change during combos
- new treatment of energy and stamina will reduce the risk of knocking yourself out
- a few characters already got an overhaul and moves that work perfect with the new rules

Things in work:

- Better moves for all characters
- Improved connecting between players
- Big polishing of the graphics
- A lot better looking levels
- a new standard for models (switching from .mdl to .md5)

... and many little things, use the news button in game to learn more.

P.S.: Yes, the new moves do include Piccolos hellzone grenade and Ginyus bodyswapping.

P.P.S.: Sorry, this also means no new characters for a while, but keep in mind that more and more of the old ones are becoming new ones again


Why can't we select our starting power level anymore?

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at gamemode,you have legendary and saiyan saiyan your starting power level is 500 and at legendary is 2000

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Please change the hard melee hit to not pause your character after each hard hit, it's really annoying.

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