Post news RSS Alphas Relocked v3.0 - Revisited Edition is getting its biggest and final update.

The voices in our heads won: Alphas Relocked will get its final update, and it will be massive.

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One day, it was going to happen.

It's been a while, we've been thinking about it a lot...

Alphas Relocked needs a High-Effort Remake!

We were about to end support for the mod when we realized that it needs more work before that.

What to expect from the Remake?

- Re-imagined True Ending, based on Theodore's Official Backstory

- Massive lighting improvements

- More mechanics from the original Alphas

- Fully old-art mod

- Completely revamped cutscenes

- Neighbor learning from your moves

- Many improvements and bug fixes

- Puzzles re-work

- Massive coding improvements

- Proper Main Menu & Pause Menu

- A little polish to the plot/story

- And much more

When will it release?

It's been a week since we've started working on this final massive update, and we're already pretty much halfway through development.

We're confident we can release it very soon, before the end of summer as long as we don't get too busy irl.

How will I know it's out?

"Revisited Edition" will be renamed "Reimagined Edition"

The page will also be completely revamped, so I'm sure you will notice!

Until then, have a little sneak peek!


Looking around the map with the binoculars will be fun, Raven Brooks remains bizarre as always

ezgif com crop 1


Roadmap v2

Thanks for supporting this mod, we hope you'll enjoy this final update!

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- EKC_Dev & WaneScottGames , Fatal Peek Team

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