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Update number three, and(another) request for talent. Getting somewhere now!

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Hi all, I'm back with another update on The Turn.

The lack of updates is... well... because of the lack of mod-work i'm doing, what's done so far could have been done in 3 hours with my current experience(I had a certain lack of experience when starting), and what i am updating could have been done in one hour.
Anyways, the update:

-Finished the alpha version of the 3rd map.
-Finished beta version of the 1st map.
-Started development on 4th map.
-Fixed bugs.

However, due to my lazyness, i scrapped one level, just because i don't want to make it.
This is for two reasons:
1: I'm very, very lazy.
2: It would be the third mansion-styled level, i want to make castle&Dungeon themed maps.

Now, a request:
I need a voice actor, so if you have average/good voice talent, go ahaid and PM me with a sample of your work, and i will be in touch.

That's it for this update, stay tuned for more.

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