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Version 0.2 is awaiting authorization! So while we wait for it to go online here is some info about this release

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Okay, so here we are. version 0.2 of the Alpha is ready to go!

Here is a rough guide of what you can expect in the new version:

Rheinland (now playable):

Wraith Light Fighter (Scout)
Banshee Light Fighter (Interceptor)
Valkyrie Heavy Fighter (Main Combat Fighter)

Glaer Dropship (colony ship) note: the Glaer is a placeholder colony ship for the moment as I haven't finished the Westerwald troop ship isn't ready yet.

Gepard Gunboat (Rapid Strike)
Emden Escort Cruiser (Anti-Fighter support)
Emden-B Cruiser (Siege ship)
Bismark Battleship

Veteran Valkyrie (ACE)
Ardent Fafnir (ACE)

Kiel class Shipyard

Rheinland is still far from complete, but there is enough here to have some fun.


LRM Rhino Combat Freighter (Artillery support)

The Starfire Patriot and Valiant Defender now have abilities
The LSF Partisan just has one at the moment

Liberator now has the Landing Operations ability which when used on an enemy planet inflicts damage, when used on a neutral world captures it.

Bastion Orbital Weapons Platform now has a Seeker Swarm ability which targets nearby fighters and a Cruise Disruptor ability which will disable cruise drives on target for a short duration.

Flagship Dreadnaughts are now made by converting regular Dreadnaughts.
They also have 2 new upgrades, one gives the Dreadnaught a powerful torpedo volley, the other gives it forward facing plasma cannons for chasing down enemies.

H-Fuel extractors are now in play as capturable structures. your homeworld will give you a small trickle of H-fuel, but if you don't want to rely on the Neural Net Market you will want to capture some extractors for a steady supply.

there is also now a Liberty AI faction. This is just a slightly modified Liberty for if you want to play vs AI. (the liberator ability doesn't play nice with AI players and so the ai version has an alternate Liberator)
Rheinland should work ok for an AI player (however there are still some Advent ships in there)


Yeah great !

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