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External database! Improved PC controls! Early Ouya access! An ode to modders ~ ♫

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ello everyone. This is Wolfgang Wozniak from Wolfgame. We have been hard at work to bring you this update to miniFlake. I'd like to thank all of the fans of the game for waiting so patiently for this update. If you follow us on Twitter, you're probably aware of some of the changes we've made. These changes are listed below. This update has mostly been on the technical end, but will allow us to very quickly add, change and balance the game in an instant.

These same easy methods for us to make changes and add new content are also available to you. Currently, Monster and Item data as well as graphics are located in a folder called "xData" anyone can access this folder, add new monsters or items. Please bear in mind some of the functionality listed in the XML files is not yet implemented. Please be patient for these features.

It will be possible to upload your own xData Packages on Desura and Moddb. We're excited to see what you come up with.

We'll be offloading a lot more of the current assets in a12, which is coming in very soon. We plan on having 90% of the game in a state where anyone from a hobbyist modder to the first time gamer interested in how games work will be able to change parameters in game and see how things function.

  • Added color shaders
  • Added option saving
  • Added Accessories
  • Added controller support. May be spotty on PC. Largely untested.
  • Added ESC key for menus
  • Added Mouse/Touch support for menus
  • Added Inventory
  • Added Ouya Support (expect official release α12)
  • Added Rings
  • Added Item descriptions
  • Added “RGB Shift” slider, allowing the player to set the amount.
  • Added XML Database loading. This will allow anyone to added content to the game. External data includes:
    • Monsters
    • Weapons
    • Offhand gear
    • Armor
    • Accessories
    • Rings
    • Use Items
  • Replaced combat system
  • Added more player Pawns [HI, IT’S KAWAIIKOCHANS.]
  • Changed Strength
  • Added Agility
  • Added Constitution
  • Added Dexterity
  • Added Mind
  • Added Intelligence
  • Added Wisdom
  • Added Charisma
  • Added Accuracy
  • Added Evasion
  • Added Harm
  • Added Strike
  • Added Accuracy Bonus
  • Added Magic Resistance
  • Added Damage Bonus
  • Added Damage Reduction
  • Added Light Radius
  • Removed “Def”
  • Removed “Mag”
  • Removed “Ranged”
  • Removed “Missile”
  • Removed “Melee”

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and we look forward to letting a12 loose in the coming weeks.

all_zebest - - 146 comments

Very exciting update! I really like where this game is going. Thank you!

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Ouren Author
Ouren - - 176 comments

Yea! We're really excited to add in the other systems and expose that data as well. I can't wait to see some of the TC and mods packs that folks make. :D

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