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Armoury of The Zone Alpha is finally here. Not all features are in but there's quite alot to play with in this version.

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Armoury of The Zone Alpha version 0.03

This include; small tweaks: Weapon damage, rate of fire and accuracy
Weapon Sway: added sway when aiming down the sights
New ammunition, weapons and upgrades
New textures: SUSAT scope, polished TOZ34, AK wood finish
New Sounds: New sounds for the TOZ34 and SVD (SVD sounds are a bit over the top right now, it will be fixed in the next release). (The duty megaphone sounds have been replaced too, but that's yet to be perfected. It's extremely quite)

Full Readme

Armoury of the Zone v0.030:

Install Instructions:

Run the unpacker. If this is your first mod, go to your S:CS folder and change the line in fsgame.ltx that normally reads "$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$|" to "$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$|"


-Doubled the damage multiplier of all ammunitions. (NOTE: The pre-doubled ammunitions are avaliable, just rename the file "weapons_predoubled" to "weapons" and remove the old weapons file)

-Doubled the deceleration of bullets due to wind resistance.

-Made the SUSAT scope 4x, rather than 2x

-Made all silenceable weapons more silent. Weapons that fire supersonic rounds have a 0.8 multiplier to sound with a silencer on. Pistols and subsonic rifles now have a 0.2 to 0.25 multiplier to sound with a silencer on.

-Made all weapons FAR more accurate when ironsighted, less accurate while moving.

-Changed the upgrades for all edited weapons to fit the new stats (i.e. If a weapon now has a damage of 1, and the upgrade is a 10% increase, that weapon will do 1.1 damage after the upgrade, instead of getting 10% of the old value)

-Fixed the bug where upgrading a rifle to use new bullets would stop it from using hollowpoints or ballistic rounds.

-Made all rifles have real-life bullet speeds. Previous speeds were roughly 400 m/s for NATO and 5.45mm rifles. Now they tend to be roughly 900 m/s

-Made buckshot more accurate (1.4x dispersion, previous was 3x)
-Made Slug rounds do more damage (1.4x damage. Previous was 1x)
-Made Dart rounds more accurate (0.6x dispersion. Previous was 0.8x)

-Made the L85 base dispersion lower (0.5)
-Made the SIG 550 base dispersion lower (0.52)
-Made the G36 base dispersion lower (0.65)
-Made the sawed-off shotgun less accurate (1.6)
-Made the LR300 fire faster (900 RPM)
-Made the LR300 base dispersion higher (0.7)
-Made the Groza base dispersion lower (0.65)
-Made the MP5 fire faster (800 RPM)

-Increased the damage for the SIG550 and L85 (0.5)
-Increased the damage for the G36 (0.47)
-Increased the range of the L85 and SIG 550 (350 m)
-Increased the range of the G36 and FN F2000 (250 m)
-Increased the range of the LR300 (200 m)
-Increased the range of the AN-94 Abakan (250 m)
-Increased the range of the AK74U (150 m)
-Increased the range of the MP5 (100 m)
-Decreased the damage of the MP5 (0.3)
-Increased the damage of the SVD and SVU (1.25)
-Decreased the damage of all pistols to more realistic levels

-Gave the NPCs new equipment. Mid-ranking freedomers now carry upgraded L85s and Ballistic ammo. High-ranking freedomers carry upgraded "sniper" SiG550 rifles and ballistic rounds. Mid-to-Low ranking dutiers carry upgraded AK74u rifles and hollow-point rounds. Higher ranking dutiers carry upgraded Grozas. high-level STALKERs get the sniper SiG. Low-ranking bandits now carry a 7.62x39 AK-M. Mercs get the L85A2.

-Increased the reliability of the AK74 tenfold

-Made the AK74U have better handling (1.0)
-Made the MP5 have better handling (1.0)

-Fixed the bug where attaching a silencer would increase weapon damage and range
-Fixed the bug where the W1300 (chaser 13) shotgun had automatic fire mode

-New texture for the TOZ34 Shotgun
-New sounds for the TOZ34 Shotgun
-NEW SCOPES! We have introduced a better SUSAT texture both 1.6x and 4x

New content:

-Hollow-point ammunition for all assault rifles (Higher damage, lower AP effectiveness)
-Ballistic ammunition for all assault rifles (improved range, accuracy)
-Freedom and Duty customised rifles
-Gave the AI custom rifles
-Created a .357 SiG P226 in the game
-Added in custom inventory icons for new munitions
-Created low-dose antiradiation drugs and small medical supply packs
-Created a "Stalker's medkit", which is a combination of a low-dose antirad, small medkit and bandage
-Created the L85A2

Possible future content:

-Tracerless ammunition for all rifles
-More upgrades/upgrade tweaks
-Real gun names included
-CQB scopes for suitable weapons (e.g. MP5, AK74U)

Aussie_sniper: Code
HolyMouse: Sounds and textures

Have fun, we should be releasing new versions at a faster rate now

Contact me
or Aussie_Sniper for help

SniperMouse Studios

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