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News about our first ever release, straight from the mouth of our mod leader himself.

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ALPHA RELEASE NEXT WEEK Thursday (13th may):


All ingame lords properly renamed. (all wives not)
All factions properly renamed and have their own colour.
Our first Japanese ingame map!
With all the locations properly on the map and all the castle/villages and cities renamed.
Alpha release features 6 clans fighting on a japan map for dominance.

Takeda-Sanada Allaince
Oda clan
Tokugawa clan
Hojo clan
Shimazu clan
Uesugi clan
New unit's names and armor and every faction has an elite unit.

Takeda-Sanada Allaince: Takeda Cavalery
Oda Clan: Elite Teppomen
Tokugawa: Mikawa veterans
Uesugi clan:TBD(to be decided)
Hojo clan:Fuma Ninja's
Shimazu clan: Bersekers

We are still recruiting people! If you are interested in joining we still need:
A coder/programmer

A digital artist that can help make the clan banners and a new in game User Interface.


Myself for the coding and initial development work
thanks to clau24 for the japan map
Felix for the names of the lords, making our modDB page and additional mapping
Zaha for the samurai armor texture
BloodRaideN for the model files and textures
Jason Lambeth for the music
And the MOD DB community, your support will make this a great mod.

- Captain221


Awesome, looking forward to it!..

Can i make one teeny teeny tiny point? "Fuma Ninja's" shouldn't have an apostrophe in it! :p should be just "Fuma Ninjas" cos its only a plural... SORRY!! I know that's totally trivial but as the son of an English teacher, these things stick out and niggle at me! :)

Looking forward to giving this bad boy a go next week!

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Looks fantastic guys. Wish I could help you with coding/programming, but all I could offer would be testing. I'll keep an eye out if you ever ask for some of those though, hehe.

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all the major clans of that period and the units are true to lore
i am interested in how the ninjas will play
can't have them moving and attacking like normal warriors now
and a side note
will all the commanders be lore characters?
like Oda:Mitsuhide,Hideyoshi,Katsuie and other

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So uh, hows it coming along? What happened to 13th may? >.<
Sorry, I don't mean to pester and I'm sure your working on it, but a little update would be nice :)

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