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Lengthy list of features for the new update that is included in the download Provided. And the Alpha download is released!

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I going to announce that the Physics Playground First Alpha version is Released to both Mac and Windows!!!!! Plus there is also a lengthy list of Updated you need to check out, which will be included with the release!

Here is the link to download:-
Mac OS X:

Here is the Update......[NOTE: Its so lengthy that some I might forget to mention]

1. Black Holes/Gravity Bombs.[Black Hole's Distortions will be visible at "High" in the Graphics menu]
2. Added the Moon in the sky. [Moon is actually a Giant sphere in Orbit, same distance also]
3. Another Easter egg.
4. Added a menu for Spawning Objects.[W.I.P]
5. Added a Hologram of Earth in the second story of the lab.
6. The atmosphere has a new and better shading than before.
7. Made the game slightly more Cartoonish.
8. Warping Physics while sprinting cause everything movable to fly all over the place!
9. Brought Back the Day/Night Cycle, this time it doesn't start at mid-night.
10. Added a way of making the big sign of the "Gift shop" be manipulated.[You can take it off]
11. Now you can Change the distance between the object you are holding and the player by just scrolling the mouse or touchpad. [Help from Tarek Bukhari]

1. Completely Changed the Sky to work better with Space and the Day/night cycle.
2. Lighting changed to work with the atmosphere's and sun's color mixed together.[Like real-life]
3. Improved the lab.
4. Improved the Shading.
5. Some Objects have been re-textured.
6. Game takes up less memory from your PC/Laptop.
7. Improved the texture of the landscape.
8. The Player is now able to do more destruction around the map.
9. Warp Physics's Mechanics is now completely changed and re-worked. [Because this newer mechanic reduced the chance of the game to crash]
10. The East and the West of the Day/night Cycle has been reversed.
11. Retextured many Objects and stuff.

1. Fixed sometimes you could not pick up stuff from the ground. [Help from Tarek Bukhari]

1. The Giant Blue cube, with a pane of Glass. [Due to frame freeze the giant blue cube is causing as it is hit by any object]

1. The Steam Pipes that was attached to the lab, due to Audio Disturbance to the Player.
2. Removed Skybox. [Reason: it is not behaving like a sky, just a texture]

Thats all for now.....

Any help with the game? Contact me through anyway you want.

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