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Release date of the alpha version. Features. Known bugs to fix in the next version. Improvements intended for the beta version.

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Hello friends, I was (and am) very busy these days. But I took some time to clarify what I have planned and thus calm some concerns.

First things first, my goal is to launch the alpha version on December 24, the date matches with the Paraguayan invasion of Mato Grosso.

The alpha version WILL NOT HAVE custom scenes for each location or interior scenes. That is, if for you it is absolutely essential that all locations have personalized and real scenes for each site and interior scenes then IT´S NOT THE VERSION that I recommend playing.

This version will have generic scenes for all locations, always trying to respect the setting of the time.

This version will not have the map icons corresponding to the context, simply because I do not have them.

This version WILL NOT HAVE any translation. That is, neither the dialogues nor the menu screens, nor the character creation screen will have texts according to the time or context. Again, if you think it is absolutely essential that the dialogs fit the context then this IS NOT THE VERSION you are looking for. You will have to wait for the next ones.

Many of the townspeople / citizen civilian NPCs HAVE NO CLOTHING. Most of the clothing in the game is for the troops. The reason is simply because I don't have many models of civilian clothes. The ones I have I put them all.

The purpose of this version is that, in addition to being enjoyable to play, it can offer me information from the players about the balance of the combat, balance of the campaign, errors that I have not seen, proposals to add / modify things, etc.

Errors that I recognize from the version:

  • The lords (officers) have high controversy rather than renown. Until now no one could help me with this. I'll see to fix it for the beta.
  • When you join an army, it does not give you the main weapon. A friend from the talewords forum (John25) explained to me how to fix it, but it takes a long time to do and a lot of trial and error until it works. I will also leave it for the beta. You can buy the weapon in any store in the cities.

Surely there are many more things, since I have practically not played the mod to see how it works, I only test the things that I am adding.

For the beta version, in addition to what has been said, I will try to add more locations, more clothes for civilians, music of the time and some translations. In addition, logically, analyze the comments and suggestions that arise after testing the alpha.

For later we will see how to add artillery and other improvements.

Once again I want to thank all the people who have and are collaborating with the mod!

Thank you all for your patience and we remain in contact.


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Sick. Love seeing Paraguay involved in things.

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