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A public alpha release is just around the corner! The mod is not nearly yet done when it comes to the modeling, mapping and animation, but by using the Half-Life 2 models as dummys we have made the game as close to playable as possible for a public alpha test.

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As this is the first time since the development startet that the mod has been publicly announced, I would like to inform everybody about the current state of the game.

We do not have enough active modelers and mappers. As a result we only have a few custom models implemented in the game so far. We also lack in concept artists, which additionally has severely crippled the current progress on the art front. The only really thing that has been worked on so far is the gameplay, and instead of sitting around waiting for some extra crew to pop up, we have desided to release the mod for a public alpha test in a few days.

More news about the release will come when the actual mod is uploaded to moddb.

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