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The first update for the Steam Alpha Demo up! After just a few short days, we've been able to gather some feedback, and have implemented some changes in the hotfix.

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RJ84 Hotfix

Thanks to some great initial feedback we were able to identify some bugs that had sneakily slipped through! Thank you for all the feedback, and suggestions! we appreciate it very much.

- Fixed bug where SFX from puzzles continued to play after completing the puzzle
- Fixed crash bug when re-hiring an agent
- Vehicles for repossession cases are now properly shown

- Agents now have end shift confirmation text
- Case resolution success/fail SFX added
- Case resolution animation jitter fixed
- Currency format changed to display properly
- Audio Settings Slider properly hooked up [music, SFX, voice]
- CRTL+10 = Standard Screenshot [default folder saved/bugit/windows]
- CTRL+11 = Cinematic Screenshot [default folder: game/saved/windows]

- Reduced case officer reputation requirements for leveling up

- Moral cases are confusing and are presently tied to security cases
- Tutorial/Onboarding is lacking
- Does anyone read these notes?!

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