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The Demo is on it's way..... and we have a video to prove it ;-)

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Hi guys and gals. It's been a while since the last update but I thought I'd pass on the details of our current demo status.

It's going to be an alpha demo - basically meaning that it's up to you lot to be the testers for our undoubtably buggy demo. However, the idea behind it is to show people we're not dead, dying or otherwise crippled. It covers all of EA space and a little beyond and also includes all of the EA ships (or close to) and a few others besides.

Here is a link to our video:

Kasabian - - 89 comments

I love the trailer!

I have been looking forward to the demo since it was announced, thanks for updating Mod Database with the links Spuddy!

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TiberiousKirk - - 297 comments

will this eventually have shadows and vorlons playable or will it be set after/ before the shadow war?

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Kasabian - - 89 comments

Check out the website, all the info can be found on it.

And yes, all races all ships, just the demo will only have EA to start with. As far as I know.

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