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Starborne's seventh Alpha test concludes with Singularity securing the victory.

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Alpha 7 Officially Ends!

Galaxy at war

After 12 long weeks of fierce political shenanigans and meticulously timed bombing runs, Alpha 7 comes to an end. The server will remain running for a while, so if you wish to send your fleets on one final trip, now’s the chance.


1. Singularity [Sing] - 86 SP / 466105 Influence

2. United Gemini Alliance [UGA] - 65 SP / 416983 Influence

3. Blessed Mothers [BM] - 30 SP / 235601 Influence

4. Emperor’s Wrath [EW] - 26 SP / 308383 Influence

5. Protogenoi [Proto] - 17 SP / 244851 Influence

6. MARIONETTE [M] - 3 SP / 68299 Influence

7. The Hive [TH] - 2 SP / 118095 Influence

8. Pocket Protectors [pp] - 2 SP / 42439 Influence

9. THC Society [THC] - 1 SP / 87659 Influence

10. Gemini Guard [gg] - 1 SP / 80453 Influence

Starborne Alpha 7 Alliance RankingsStarborne Alpha 7 Player Rankings

Congratulations to Singularity for securing the victory! Prizes will be distributed in the coming months and will appear in your inventory before the start of the next alpha test.

What’s Next?

We will now return to the development chambers and begin work based on the feedback you’ve provided. Top priorities include adjusting the time demands, rebalancing the in-game purchases and releasing a stable version of the Companion App before starting a new game.

Cart2Cart1Ships on map concept

We’ll post regular development updates, so make sure to hit the follow button in order to stay up to speed and secure a spot for the next alpha.

On behalf of the entire dev team - Thank you for playing!

Sordid (Solid) Clowns (Clouds)

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