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Cogmind's biggest release since launch, adding a major new mechanic and the first batch of new alpha content.

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Alpha 3 is ready!

Featuring traps, an entirely new mechanic that hooks into many aspects of the game, as well as some significant balance tweaks for combat builds and a whole new "secret" area to discover, this is the biggest release yet. All early supporters can download the game using the link provided in your original download email.

There aren't a lot of features I can share visually this time (some due to spoilers), but here's a quick look:

Machine explosions are deadlier. Use them to your advantage, but watch where you stand!

(again in ASCII)

You might find some new parts.

Workers dispose of disabled robots. Exactly how they do this you'll have to discover for yourself.

Stepping on a Hvy. Explosive Trap, usually much worse for them than it is for you. (I wrote a lot more about trap design on the blog here. Be warned the article contains spoilers--but leaves out the biggest spoilers!--so ignore it if you want to experience everything completely fresh.)

See here for the full release notes.

Notice: This month we will be holding a major tournament. You don't have to be the best (or even good) to win something, and there will be ongoing achievements and multiple leaderboards, so prepare for some semi-competitive fun :). Stay tuned for news on that.

Full Changelog - Cogmind Alpha 3 (0.10.150901):

* NEW: Traps!!! (including many ways to detect and handle them as well as use them against enemies)
* NEW: Auto-label system identifies discovered traps
* NEW: Multiple trap-related terminal hacking commands
* NEW: Maneuvering Thrusters give a chance to dodge triggered traps
* NEW: Structural Scanners have a chance to detect traps within field of view
* NEW: Allied Operators within 20 spaces of you identify hidden traps in your field of vision
* NEW: Active melee Datajacks can be used to reprogram known traps (bump them, as with robot rewiring)
* NEW: Hacking Suites and related (hacking strength) utilities provide a bonus to rewiring disrupted robots and reprogramming traps
* NEW: Dynamic Insulation Systems can prevent the effects of shock/surge traps
* NEW: Transmission Jammers block the signal sent out from alarm traps
* NEW: Stasis Cancellers reduce or nullify the effect of stasis traps
* NEW: Expanded manual with a new section about basic trap mechanics
* NEW: Trap-related score records
* NEW: "Special Map" (outside regular Complex 0b10, but not a normal branch)
* NEW: 6 new robots (mostly confined to special new area for now)
* NEW: 9 new weapons (mostly confined to special new area for now)
* NEW: 2 new armor types
* NEW: K-01 Serfs (Workers) in Factory dispose of disabled robots
* NEW: Part rejection caused by system corruption blocks move commands for 500ms
* NEW: Manual includes a section explaining "Advanced UI" display features
* NEW: Press Left/Right keys to switch topics in manual
* NEW: Enter/Up/Down keys all close context help window for stats
* NEW: Double click/press same inventory sort button/key to reverse the sorting order
* NEW: Options menu option descriptions also automatically shown in keyboard mode (on selection)
* NEW: Save files have their own versioning system, meaning games-in-progress can be compatible with small/hotfix releases
* NEW: Any Signal Interpreter can identify where adjacent exits lead
* NEW: Overheating robots have a chance to be destroyed by critical meltdown each turn
* NEW: Heat from volleys now averaged over each of the duration's turns rather than front-loaded
* NEW: Some terminal hacks increase in difficulty with each previous success on same floor (notably Purge Threat)
* NEW: Fabricators and Repair Stations play item drop sound effect when releasing items/containers
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 2 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 2 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: "Enemies/Allies" buttons renamed to "Hostile/Friendly", now also label known traps
* MOD: Direct "Local Emergency Access" terminal hack doesn't show unless there are applicable doors within range
* MOD: Direct "Purge Threat" terminal hack doesn't show unless there are threat records to purge
* MOD: Attempts to escape from a Stasis Beam take one full turn rather than basing on propulsion speed
* MOD: Attempts to escape from a Stasis Beam no longer incur resource costs
* MOD: Slightly reduced patrol sizes in upper half of main complex
* MOD: Reduced ally effect on security level by halving threat modifier
* MOD: Item labels for prototypes append rather than prepend rating asterisk, to match parts list info mode format
* MOD: Cannot swap places with disabled/inactive allies
* MOD: Manually seeded games always skip the tutorial map even if you haven't played it three times
* MOD: Map object labels on cursor hover blocked when status window open (same behavior as item info window)
* MOD: Map object labels on cursor hover no longer shown during attack animations
* MOD: Entering targeting mode clears all visible map labels
* MOD: Moving clears all manual map labels
* MOD: Part rejection caused by system corruption no longer possible unless standing on an open space, and never rejects storage utilities
* MOD: Reduced rate of map data loss due to system corruption
* MOD: A portion of individual randomly placed items more likely to be of higher rating
* MOD: Lowered by 33% the threshold beyond which less agressive AI-controlled robots (e.g. Grunts, Sentries) stop firing due to overheating
* MOD: Allied system corruptions split from general robot corruptions in score list
* MOD: All non-light power source integrity +50%
* MOD: All tread integrity +100%
* MOD: All leg integrity +50%
* MOD: All machine explosion damage +50%
* MOD: Replaced H-55 Commando's Hpw. Shotgun with Gauss Rifle
* MOD: Total heat shown in volley window reflects new heat distribution mechanic, displaying per-turn value rather than total
* MOD: AI patrols move in tighter groups
* MOD: Optimized AI to reduce realtime turn length
* FIX: Crash on pressing a letter corresponding to a previous hack during the machine hacking UI close animation [framweard]
* FIX: Maneuvering Thrusters and Reaction Control Systems always dropped chance to be hit to 10% [Mando]
* FIX: Pressing 'f' in mouse mode entered fire mode but would disregard auto-target settings if you'd clicked on any target to fire before [Happylisk]
* FIX: Crash on entering targeting mode while in mouse mode and last target had moved outside viewable map but remained within view of an allied drone
* FIX: Crash on pressing F4 to toggle the log before new/saved game finished loading
* FIX: Manual world seed wasn't properly applied when starting a fresh game (suicide-restart no longer required)
* FIX: Stasis Beam escape difficulty wasn't properly based on robot size as intended
* FIX: Enemy move time miscalculation (slow enemies will be much easier to lose now, fast ones much more difficult)
* FIX: Log message on knockback referenced "Cogmind" (inconsistent with other messages)
* FIX: Pressing a map object label key (1~4) while in mouse mode and cursor hovering over a labeled object blinked label rather than reloading all
* FIX: Game over screen would indicate a successful score upload even if the connection failed
* FIX: Score sheet kill streak records were inaccurate, and far beyond their actual number
* FIX: Score sheet "Sessions" count was counting each autosave as a new session

Vladiskov - - 384 comments

yay traps, now i can form a trap line while scaping?

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Kyzrati Author
Kyzrati - - 210 comments

Hehe, nope you can't place them (see the previous post for more info: But there are lines of traps that you can reprogram and use defensively if and when you need to! Perhaps more useful for those who prefer stealth and speed and therefore often have less firepower.

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Vladiskov - - 384 comments

you should work in placeable mines XD that would create good gameplay mechanics, like calling the the atention of enemies around, making a clear coast to walk throught the enemies :D (or a controlled bomb that i could activate when a enemy its close to it XD?)

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Kyzrati Author
Kyzrati - - 210 comments

As an isolated mechanic, it would be fun like many many others, though it also must be taken into consideration with so many other factors including balance, difficulty, other numerous mechanics, the overall vision for the game, etc. In the interest of finishing (so much *content* still to add!) I'm trying to reduce the number of new mechanics, which were supposed to have been finalized already but I decided (somewhat strangely and against principle) to add this entirely new feature quite late in development!

In other news, I just released Alpha 3c Tournament Edition and will be announcing the start of our Alpha Challenge event tomorrow. So anyone with alpha access can show their prowess with all the new systems =p

*If you like playing with explosives, my other game X@COM that I'll be getting back to has all kinds of cool explosive options, including proximity mines and remote detonations :D

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