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I'm making progress, but I also had an annoying setback.

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Well, it's gone forth & back a bit for me recently. I made the map Fjord & the mission Mountain Combat for it, which was good progress. Then I made a new map called Silver Fox, with a mission with the same name.

Seems good so far doesn't it? Then I went to test it all & Fjord had slightily merged with Silver Fox in a weird way, removing all height & texture data from the map. When I looked at it with a text editor it had an entity named something like "120_3silverfox", which from my experience are the main "plane" or the ground of the map & they are usually called something after the map's name, not another map's name.

For some reason only Fjord was affected, so Silver Fox survived. Basically, I only made 1 new map due to one being half merged. I'm clueless to how this happened, but I'll still make a total 3 new maps for the new release regardless.

I'm also working on preview images of all maps when creating a multiplayer room. After that I'll see if I can make minimaps for Talvisota & Silver Fox.

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