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This patch focused on our attempt to make the game less confusing, it mainly added more hints and improvements to our attention system.

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For last few weeks we’ve worked to try and make the game less confusing although there will always be a certain level we hope the following helps.

  • Added a new loading screen that shows hits and some of the binded keys.
  • The settings menu can now be accessed from the pausemenu (keybinding are however unable to be changed for now and sound)
  • The pausemenu now features a complete now hints section that shows all the loading hints with additional information
  • Gauge has been inserted into the map and the map now shows the player position with an arrow (and a bad red dot, will change in the future)
  • Story system is overhauled and and a little more has been added~


  • Doubleclick into a level, to quickly jump into a level
  • Shiftclick now supported in workshop for resources, normal click now takes all
  • Attachment gui’s now scale up and down the draw more attention
  • Tutorial gui now is not invisible yellow and has a alpha breathing cycle

For the future:

  • Added a counter for.. something

We are also looking into setting up the steamstore page, for the future~ also next patch will probably look into adding more obfuscation before obfuscating it x)

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