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On February 8th we will release version Alpha 1. In this article, we want to list the current features.

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On February 8th we will release version Alpha 1. In this article, we want to list the current features.

Your name and companylogo

At gamestart, you choose your name and portrait, the name of your company and its logo.


In Alpha 1 there is only one, not real city without a name. During development, it will be a small map. But no fear! During the game expansion, this city is also growing. And in the final version, even several playable cities are planned.

View of citymap

Rent or buy a free restaurant

Two possibilities! You can rent or buy a vacant building. Prerequisite: It is also available for rental and / or sale.

Buy and place furniture

We have created a small selection of furnishings. Chairs, tables and ovens. Just the most important things. Of course these will be more with each version. Also planned are a variety of decorative objects.

restaurantview with two chairs and a table

Hire staff

You can hire cooks and waiters. At the moment, the different characters already have some properties and related values, but for the first version they are not yet relevant. We are experimenting and working a lot on the personnel area. So in Alpha 1, you can hire but not dismiss your staff. This possibility will follow soon. Maybe already in Alpha 1.1.

Pizzacreator – the heart of the game

There is not much to say about the Creator. Because that's what our game is about! Create your own pizzas, bring them to the menu and sell them. You choose your ingredients (big, medium, small), place them on the dough, forgive a name and you're done. Actually quite simple :-)

create your pizzastyle


In the current version you only have the restaurant-storage. Larger, central storages are planned but not yet implemented. Through the warehouse you buy your different ingredients. These are available in 3 quality levels. Currently they have no influence on the game, but this will change in the coming versions.

buy your ingredients


Through the menu, you can present and sell your pizzas to the guest. Just tick, set and accept the price.



Surely you interested in your sales figures. The information window shows you all data.

Open and close your restaurant

Through this window, you can name your restaurant and also set the opening hours.

name your restaurant

Bank and credit

Your money is running out? Then borrow some capital from the bank.


Advertising is everything! Without advertising, people will not notice your small restaurant. In Alpha 1, you already have the opportunity to distribute flyers. More promotions will follow in the next versions.

distribute flyers

Revenue and expenses

Look at your success or even your failure. In the Revenue and Expense view, you get all information about your business.

These were the first detailed information about the upcoming release. In the coming days, we are still working on fine tuning and then we can start.

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