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Alpha 0.83 release, a update that brings a new map and alot of improvements.

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.83 release, a update that brings a new map and alot of improvements.

A new map is available “Proving ground”. This small map is especially well suited for close combat fighting. Get ready for some cold sweats while you try to complete your objectives.

AI soldiers and teammates receive alot of improvements and fixes.

Helios Production

- Add: New map - Proving ground
- Add: Arrow icon visible if actor hitted for AI order is available
- Tweak: AI behavior
- Tweak: AI found cover location
- Tweak: Faction war mode
- Tweak: Increase enemies soldiers health
- Tweak: AI command actor detection
- Tweak: Rebels faction rendering
- Tweak: Camera characters customization
- Tweak: Switch 1st/3rd camera even if wounded
- Fix: Drivable vehicles disappear after get out
- Fix: Undesirable Halo triggered after get out chopper
- Fix: Can't take enemy weapon
- Fix: Player can do others actions if treat
- Fix: AI soldiers rotation
- Fix: AI pathfinding
- Fix: AI teammate doesn't desactivate turret correctly
- Fix: AI teammate could be shoot with suppression fire even if wounded
- Fix: AI teammate follow behavior
- Fix: AI enemies spawn to conquest task
- Fix: AI laser detection loop
- Fix: AI spawn
- Fix: White tree LOD (Area 47)
- Fix: Doors collision (Eastern village)
- Fix: Meshs cull (Country Town)
- Fix: Rock location (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Damages to enemies
- Fix: Grenade frag scale
- Fix: Undesirable duplicate AI navigation volume (Redwood forest)
- Fix: Undesirable parachute on rebel skin
- Fix: Some french translations

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