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Alpha 0.82 release, this update brings mainly new soundtracks and AI tweaks...

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Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.82 release, this update brings mainly new soundtracks.

Like always this update completes itself with a multitude of improvements and fix’s. As usual I hope this new content pleases you and don’t hesitate to report any bug reports and suggestions.

Helios Production

- Add: New stealth music (Medieval city)
- Add: New stealth music (Redwood forest + winter)
- Add: New danger music (Conira Castle + winter)
- Add: New danger music (Country Town)
- Add: New danger music (Lost Island)
- Add: New danger music (Medieval city)
- Add: New danger music (Middle Eastern village)
- Add: Wounded icon animation
- Add: Spot icon animation
- Tweak: AI teammates behavior
- Tweak: Animations interpolation
- Tweak: Runs animations
- Tweak: AI soldiers optimization rendering
- Tweak: AI robots optimization rendering
- Tweak: AI turrets optimization rendering
- Tweak: Command menu cursor change color if actor hit can be used for execute a order
- Tweak: Teammates spawn
- Tweak: M416 recoil increase
- Tweak: M16A4 recoil increase
- Tweak: MK18 Mod0 recoil increase
- Tweak: UI font characters names
- Tweak: UI options display
- Fix: Teammates spawn (Medieval City)
- Fix: AI Navigation (Medieval City)
- Fix: AI Navigation (Country Town)
- Fix: Casualty carried always attach if medic injured too
- Fix: Can't change keybinding in main menu
- Fix: Foliage locations (Avieno Land)
- Fix: SVD Dragunov shoot sounds
- Fix: English texts
- Fix: Some french translations

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