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HALO jump insertion, airstrike, new task, three new difficulty options, wounded system and lots more...

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Hello Gamers,

First things first, I am sorry for not giving any news over the last month. ( needed some time off). But I am back and with that said 0.70 is done and online. Many of these changes and additions have been made thanks to great community feedback and ideas. Keep them coming, rock on, and hope you enjoy 0.70.

To start with It’s now possible to insert the mission area via a high altitude jump. Ideal to quickly infiltrate sectors behind enemy lines for a up close and personal insertion. It’s also possible to activate halo jump from the helicopter above the mission area if the altitude is right.

Also, a new asset has been added to your arsenal: Airstrikes. Point the desired target zone and unleash devastating firepower on enemy lines.

A new objective has also been added: Plant tracking device without getting spotted. A simple but difficult objective that will demand all your attention and discretion. If spotted objective will fail.

Talking about failing, 3 new difficulty options have also been added.
-Complete objectives in order: 1st Objective will appear at mission start and the next one will only be available after completion of the last.
-Mission Failure: If you fail an objective the mission is failed.
-Blood Brothers: If a teammate dies, mission is over and failed.

From now on teammates will try to reanimate the player if wounded and near death. So no more dying if a team member is nearby and can revive you. This adds longer survivability in combat. The A.I autonomy has also been enhanced to accommodate this task so teammates will try to aid and revive as soon as possible without any command orders from player.

To finish off, enemy patrols have been completely reworked. They now follow paths more coherently and can form squads of up to 8 soldiers
This update obviously adds tons of corrections and fix’s.

- Add: HALO jump insertion
- Add: Airstrike
- Add: New task - Put a tracking device without being spotted
- Add: New difficulty option - Reach objectives one by one
- Add: New difficulty option - Mission fail (if an objective fails, the mission is a failure)
- Add: New difficulty option - Blood Brothers (if a teammate died, the mission is a failure)
- Add: Wounded system for player if teammates enabled
- Add: Soldiers patrolling with squad (max: 8 units per squad)
- Add: Halo jump with helicopter
- Add: Outro cinematic
- Add: Outro music success
- Add: Outro music fail
- Add: Button "use" in inventory
- Add: Sprint can be used with crouch position and strafe movement
- Overhaul: Patrol points
- Tweak: AI Optimization
- Tweak: AI teammates try to treat casualties automatically
- Tweak: Increase wounded time for teammates: 60s -> 180s
- Tweak: Backgrounds maps
- Tweak: Outro UI
- Tweak: Increase vanilla teammates health
- Fix: Dynamic spawns
- Fix: Satellite view with ladder
- Fix: Cull of some objects
- Fix: Treat animations with hits
- Fix: Metal fences collisions
- Fix: Damages with rockets
- Fix: Patrol spawn
- Fix: Turrets detection
- Fix: Mines noise maker
- Fix: Landscape (Jalh-ab Desert)
- Fix: Reduce flahsbang noise
- Fix: Kill the arms dealer and commander doesn't reach correctly
- Fix: Some errors scripts

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