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Alpha 0.68 is now available. This major update delivers many in game improvements and additions.

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Dear gamers,
Alpha 0.68 is now available. This major update delivers many in game improvements and additions.

First is the inclusion of 4 new Tanks making an appearance on the battlefield, inspired by famous real life models and offered in 4 versions (Russian ,German, Chinese and French). The Vehicle physics and overall performance have been completely reworked in order to offer a more satisfying experience.

A new Mountain Village map has also been added for your enjoyment. This map has the particularity of being relatively small to privilege combat and Tasks in a CQC environment.

The artificial intelligence has also been tweaked and improved for more realistic combat behaviours. The ai reacts a lot better in close combat situations and the detection system has also been rebalanced so ai behave in a more coherent fashion during infiltration missions.
Multiple bugs have been fixed and many minor improvements have been made to the game.
Your feedback is highly appreciated and will only help make the game better.

Helios Production

- Add: New map - Mountain town
- Add: Russian tank
- Add: German tank
- Add: Chinese tank
- Add: French tank
- Add: New animations (ladder)
- Tweak: Defaut keys have correctly qwerty keyboard (switch weapons / switch item: 1-2-3-4)
- Tweak: Physics vehicles
- Tweak: CQB AI
- Tweak: AI optimization
- Tweak: AI reaction time improved (AI always attack if target is too close)
- Tweak: AI detect dead bodies correctly
- Tweak: AI have a short delay after hearing a noise before going into alert mode.
- Tweak: AI will delay shortly before going into alert mode when they discover dead bodies or suspect activity.
- Tweak: Drone optimization
- Tweak: reduced noise of suppressed weapons
- Tweak: Scope sway
- Tweak: Lost Island (daytime: night)
- Tweak: VFX thermal vision on teammates
- Tweak: VFX signal out of range (drone)
- Tweak: Accurancy option add delay before shoot
- Tweak: Country town design
- Tweak: Danger music (Area 47)
- Tweak: Using a ladder
- Fix: AI choppers not detecting correctly with their lamps
- Fix: AI can't throw grenades
- Fix: AI robot aim for target
- Fix: AI chopper aim for target
- Fix: AI robots pathfinding
- Fix: AI hearing sensor
- Fix: Foots position of enemies
- Fix: Bodys physical reaction when hit with explosive (frag, mine, rocket...)
- Fix: Climbing system with standing cover
- Fix: English texts
- Fix: French texts
- Fix: Suitcase spawn locations
- Fix: Enemies spawn locations
- Fix: Thermal effect on VIP
- Fix: S-Mine triggered by same team
- Fix: Animations cover transition
- Fix: "No XP required" doesn't update weapons available

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