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Alpha 0.25 is release! This big update contains many adding, overhauls, tweaks and fix. Drivable vehicles, undercover system, 6 new weapons, new attachments and more...

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Alpha 0.25 is release! This big update contains many adding, overhauls, tweaks and fix.
Drivable vehicles, undercover system, 6 new weapons, new attachments and more...

Armored vehicles and choppers are stationned in the area, steal it to
increase your offensive capacity. If you manage to steal a vehicle undercover, you can use it to remain undetected. Enemy simply ignore car driver.

Carbine - CX4 Storm / Sniper rifle - Sako 85 Hunter / Assault rifle - Mk18 / Shotgun - M1014 / Pistol - P350 / Machingun M240B

- Add: Drivable vehicles (early physics version)
- Add: Undercover system with vehicles
- Add: Carbine - CX4 Storm
- Add: Sniper rifle - Sako 85 Hunter
- Add: Assault rifle - Mk18
- Add: Shotgun - M1014
- Add: Pistol - P350
- Add: Machinegun - M240B
- Add: Scope attachment
- Add: Container Yard area on Country Town
- Add: Attachments available for all weapons
- Add: Change zoom with sniper rifles (use mouse wheel up and down)
- Add: Add fullscreen / windowed option
- Add: Unlock all weapons and maps option (only for early access)
- Add: New loading texts
- Add: Hostage need to be extract before complete task

- Overhaul: Footstep sounds
- Overhaul: Aiming animations with rifle
- Overhaul: XP required for each weapon
- Change: Magnifier scope render (more convenient)

- Tweak: Soldier HUD design
- Tweak: Tasks HUD design
- Tweak: Sandbox HUD design
- Tweak: New selection weapons mode (Sandbox menu)
- Tweak: 3d Spot HUD design
- Tweak: Inventory HUD design
- Tweak: Idle stand animation
- Tweak: Beretta shoot sounds
- Tweak: Country Town design
- Tweak: Background Conira Castle
- Tweak: Post-process render (map: Country town - daylight)
- Tweak: Laser / flashlight have more varied assets
- Tweak: Videos surveillance and lasers optimisation
- Tweak: Holster weapons for enemy
- Tweak: Cinematic menu
- Tweak: Interaction text have key used
- Tweak: 2d screen weapons
- Tweak: 2d screen gear
- Tweak: Hostages keep behind at player, not front
- Tweak: Better batterie life of drone
- Tweak: AI pathfinding in the castle (map: Conira Castle)
- Tweak: AI use rocket launcher carefully
- Tweak: AI use burst shooting if use a machinegun or gatling

- Fix: Camera clipping
- Fix: Head disppear a short moment after aiming out with a scope
- Fix: Aiming 1st person (camera transition)
- Fix: Left hand character have wrong position on M4A1
- Fix: Bullets hit can damage the shooter
- Fix: Fire animations character
- Fix: RPG-7 position on character
- Fix: Sandbox doesn't work correctly if you don't change mission after Alpha 0.15 update
- Fix: Switch weapon re-init selecting fire for all weapons
- Fix: Collisions in the castle (map: Conira Castle)
- Fix: Collisions on stairs
- Fix: Collisions on windows
- Fix: Vault/Climb animations cross objects
- Fix: Little delay for out aiming
- Fix: VFX explosions missed
- Fix: Robots doesn't receive radial damages correctly
- Fix: Tasks spawn with wrong location.
- Fix: Backward footstep sounds missing
- Fix: Laser color doesn't red color
- Fix: Some texts
- Fix: SKS weapon have strange reload animation
- Fix: Character doesn't align surface when aiming (prone position)
- Fix: Wrong select insertion location (Country town)
- Fix: Flashlight textures
- Fix: AI soldier doesn't find boxs for take magazines
- Fix: AI pathfinding robot block in house (Country town)
- Fix: "Mission Succeed" animation
- Remove: Blood damage effect (could provoke screen problem)

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