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As the last version of the game didn't feature much content, we will release the second version soon. It will add a lot of new content and fixes to various problems we had with the first release.

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In this article we will show you all the improvements that will come with the new version of ‘SurviveOn!’ and the ideas we have for future versions. We will start off with small changes that we made to the game and will later come to the more important changes and additions. With ‘SurviveOn!’ growing every day we don’t only make huge changes. A lot of things we add are mostly not even visible but sometimes those are the most important changes. For example bug fixes and improvement on gameplay and mechanic are often not visible to the average user. The following list shows you exactly those small changes to the game:

Animations & Models

When animations or character models change, you will mostly not recognize those changes in the game. But the new version will bring you those exact changes. Will will change the animations and character models for the zombies (as well as the A.I.) to make them look a bit better. This will change their behaviour and how they react to attacks and when they see an enemy.


Bug Fixes

Alpha 0.2 is a huge update which will add several things but also fix A LOT of bugs we had with the first version of the game. We are still working on some of those fixes but to deliver you the best experience possible, this needs to be done. Even if that would mean to change a potential release of a game. Bugs can be funny and sometimes even be used as a tactic but if a bug becomes dangerous for the player or the game it needs to be fixed.

- In the first version of the game you will discover a pretty annoying bug with the primary weapons if you look closely. (The screen starts shaking sometimes)

The World

As you can already see on the page for ‘SurviveOn!’ we completely overworked the old map and tried something completely new. We chose an island setting (with currently 2 islands) that will be improved every new big release. Those changes could for example be new islands and more possibilities.


The Hunting System

This is something we are still working and planning on. The hunting system will allow players to hunt for food and improve their shooting skills while searching and hunting for the animals. More information on this will follow soon.

The Enemies

While the first version only featured one kind of enemies, this version will bring you more. From a completely overworked A.I. to new enemy kinds, animations and character models.

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What your doing is really well guys, please keep developing it. Im sure it can be epic :)

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PlanBGames Author

Thanks a lot! There's still so much to do :)

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