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The first release of Bad Fur Day Remake Alpha 0.1.

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That’s right a release, finally! This alpha is early days yet and only contains One Weapon/character/level/gamemode. There are a few bugs that I'm aware of but in general its fairly stable in comparison to most of my previous work. I've included two bots that patrol around the level that fight you when you come into contact with them to give the players more to do in the alpha.

Its been a very long time since I've worked on BFDR or released any news on it. The truth is I've been waiting for the engine that the game is being built on to get a major update to fix the majority of the bugs that come with it. However that update doesn't come out for another Month. So for the past week I've been working day and night to produce this testing Alpha with Deathmatch gameplay. With that said I've created a new development structure which everyone will benefit from.

This new structure I use the system Overlord, with Overlord I can set milestones (Alpha 0.1) and tasks to these milestones and once I complete the tasks the milestone will be completed. With this I can easily keep track of what’s needs doing and the priority of which it needs to be done. I've also taken on a new overall developer structure, I'm taking the type of Minecraft root where I'd release smaller more frequent updates rather then building up a large single update over time, this allows me to get the feedback I need as well as bug reports. With these I can then fine turn the game to audience and not some idea I have in my head and keep the heart of the game the same or as close as possible to the original game.

AdrianL1996 - - 467 comments

THAT IS AWESOME! Just played, its glorious already. Keep up the good work.

By the way, will you be including ALL of the Bad Fur Day multiplayer modes(Heist, Tanks, Dinos) or just the Tediz vs. Squirrels mode?

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Packer Author
Packer - - 494 comments

I'd like to add as many of the original gamemodes, I know setting them up is a lot easier these days now that I have a much better grasp on what I'm doing though I'll definitely need an experienced coder/scripter with the gamemodes themselves. Its also a matter of recreating the content for said gamemode which is time consuming.

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Jozor - - 106 comments

Great stuff, so happy to see this back again! :D

Short term suggestions I'd say are:
Teams, using Squirrels with red camo. (unless your close to tediz being done? o.o)
Ability to choose number of AI on the start game.

Otherwise, loving it as the first alpha. :D
And seconding theJoker's Keep up the good work!

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TeddySven - - 2 comments

men... you did my DAY, i'm a huge fan of this awesome N64 Classic.. and now a little re-make... i gotta say WOW...! thanks mate, downloading and waiting to see it in action THANKS...!!!

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BBgcddrfcccxxzsd - - 34 comments

funny protagonist.

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

setting milestones for your game should be a crucial part anyway, it helps development a LOT

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Packer Author
Packer - - 494 comments

I've always had milestones but using a system really does give you the real status to that milestone then just randomly guessing.

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