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ALOS has been my most favorite project, and it has become a legacy for me... CONTINUE READING

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ALOS has been my most favorite project, and it has become a legacy for me. The first version of this mod was released on a time when i was just merely starting my modding experience with Amnesia, today, i look back with joy at everything that i have done and experienced. I have yet to release another mod, but the daily drop in interest from the modding community on Amnesia is a real let down. I don't think i'm done with this game yet, but i look forward to continue modding either for A Machine For Pigs, or just move straight away to SOMA. I hope i can make something everyone can enjoy, in the future.

Thanks for everything, guys.

TroHea Online

There are still alot of Amnesia fans out there who still enjoy Amnesia and love it. Yours also is just a classic mod many people have to know if they are or used to be active in the Amnesia community.
If you release a SOMA mod or an Amnesia mod doesn't matter. Most Amnesia fans own SOMA so... but actually many people somehow don't even know about SOMA custom stories since it isn't in the main menu. lol

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