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I'm almost done making this deep, dark and demented Custom Story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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Well it's been an incredibly long time since I've gone to bed at a reasonable time. Coding and mapping this has pretty much consumed my life for the past couple of weeks (I've lost count of exactly how many). However, this is the first time you're reading about my project, because I only just now created an account on this magnificent website.

Catching Up

You can peer at a few screenshots that were uploaded, and while there are more where these came from, you (hopefully) won't have to wait long until the game is finished.

I'm just waiting on a friend to make some artwork for the loading screens, and another friend to make the music. Gameplay-wise, I'll maybe send it to a couple people to test, but the release date on here is what I'll be working towards. I really want to be done this soon, and hopefully you want to play this soon, so I'll be working night and day until everything is as good as I can get it.



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