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Almod-Hill is out now for free! Just in time for Halloween.

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Hello everyone. Sorry for the wait but anyway Almond-Hill is finally out. Just uploaded earlier.
To play Almond-Hill download it from my release page here on my Dev blog. After downloading the game I recommend following the instructions I have posted along with the game.

Welcome to Almond-Hill Welcome to Almond-Hill

Almond-Hill release page:

Also I said this on the release section but I will say it here to.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to set the Screen resolution to 640 X 480 and uncheck the Windowed button (to play the game in full screen).

I say this because there is a slight problem with the GUI if you change the screen size. In the game there is a Messages section that is a GUI dialog box, if you change the screen resolution the message box will move out of place and sometimes go directly in the middle of the screen making it hard for the player to see. For the game to work the way its suppose to without any problems make sure to set the screen resolution to 640 X 480 as mentioned above.

Hope you enjoy the game. Have a happy Halloween!


It says that "Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll" was a threat in my Norton, It removed the file. When I load up the game it is stuck on the intro where it talks about the cat.

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snowconesolid Author

That is odd, I have not encountered a problem like this before. I downloaded and tested this on three different computers before releasing it and it runs fine on all of them. Could possibly be a problem from your Norton program? As for the other problem, I have not encountered that problem either. Make sure to set the games screen resolution to 640 X 480 before starting the game. Also, this part is optional, uncheck the Windowed button thats right next to the screen resolution settings, so the game runs in full screen.

Its important to keep the screen resolution at 640 X 480 else the GUI will get messed up for some reason.

anyway I hope I was a little helpful and the game will work for you.

let me know if you encounter any other problems. But I do not believe that these are from the game itself.

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