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The Allies have become stronger when trying to create the time machine discovering new types of tanks and weapons Your Gonna Love Them :)

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Power Plant : Unchanged

Barracks: Unchanged Except extra Units

Refinery: Also Has Repair Drones To repair Armour units

Armour Facilty: Has New Units But other than that unchagened

Naval Yard: Unchanged

Airbase: Unchaged exept new units

Battle Lab: Unlocks Super Weapons and Ultimate weapons

Cryo Turret: Cost 800 (AA +AG Defense)

Multigunner Turret: Unchanged

Spectrum Tower: Unchanged

Proton Collider: Unchanged

Chronosphere: Unchanged


Attack Dog: Unchanged

Peacekeeper: Unchanged

Timekeeper: Cost 250 This unit can send you 5mins forward in time and the unit wont return untill the time is up or it can switch to a double barrel shoutgun that is used by the peacekeeper.

Javelin Solider: Unchanged

Spy: Unchanged

Tanya: Unchanged

Ground Vehicle:

Prospector: Unchanged

Riptide: Now holds 7 units

Multigunner Ifv: Unchanged

Gaudian Tank: Different Special Ablity Cryo Gun dose not properly freeze the unit but slows down the enemy unit and weakens armour

Mirage Tank: Unchanged

Pacifier FAV:Unchanged from uprising

Atenna Cannon: Unchanged

Naval Vehicles:

Prospector: Unchanged

Riptide: Same as in Ground Vehicles

Dolphin: Unchanged

Cryo Boat: Cost 1200 The Cryo Boat Can Freeze Nearly andy unit in the air or water and Shoots Missles as special ablity

Assault Destroyer: Unchanged

Aircraft Carrier: Unchanged

Air Vehicles:

Vindecater: Carries more Ammo

Appollo: Carries more Ammo

Cryo Copter: Special Ability changed to machine gun

Century Bomber: Carries 7 units.


Question to the Timekeeper: How can he send you forward in time? I can't figure how the game should be able to predict what you're going to do!!?

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Cookie.Monster Author

it just dissapears for 5mins

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