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It was a good run, but I simply cannot continue. This was an amazingly educative experience for me.

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It was a good run.
But I cannot continue.

I can't really figure out how to say this, and I am having a lot of mixed emotions about this, so I will just post a timeline of the mod.

When I first got the idea for a mod, it was about December. I had no idea what do to make it come to life and I didn't really have a drive to. I was completely unorganized and very "nooby" at Mapping, or modding period, and it was a very tough ordeal for a beginner like me to handle.

About 2 months later, in February, I was beginning to think very deeply about the mod, to the point where I was staying up brainstorming. How it would work, what kind of content I would put into it, how I could even get this stuff to work. It was tough but was very cool to think I have that creativity/ imagination.

Around the beginning of March, I started working on a tunnel map, fairly better at mapping, but obviously not very good considering I didn't know how to make a half-circle (for the top of the tunnel) and spent days trying to make one out of blocks in which I messed with their vertices. This map was to be a test, to see if I could really do this, and I decided to take the idea forward.

March 2nd, 2013, The Abstract mod was born.
I released 3 concept pictures of a map I named Tunnel of Bullet Hell, which would involve the player fighting through a large tunnel of very advanced and difficult NPCs. Namely, making it a bullet hell.
A full 26 days later, I finished the core of the map. To think it took me 26 days to make that... WOW/

April 14th, 2013, I renamed the mod and gave it a story, it was called Why?.
I began putting together a full story and slowly tried to make a team, which didn't bode well.
The map hadn't changed much, but more in the way of detailing. I got an idea to add some jump scares too :)

May 12th/13th, 2013, Alpha build was released.
The Alpha was up for a day before it was pulled back. Negative feedback got to me. I understand, the map was finished and I had just slapped a few waves of combine in there. It was very childish of me.
On May 14th, Why? was put on hold, and I got into other things such as UDK, which I dropped awhile later. On May 31st the mod was back in production and I decided it would be best to put the mod into Episodes, to relieve some of the stress. The mod was still pretty crap, but a lot better. I even put down a new beginning to the map, which was VERY buggy.

June 1st, 2013, My SDK crashed 3 times, the third ending up deleting every entity in the map.
I immediately got to work, redoing some of the brushes completely, and adjusting lighting too.
4 Days later I scrapped the map and got a brand new idea to remake the map, but without the tunnel. In that one day, I created way more content than I ever did in the first 2 months of development, and it felt great to be alive. After this, things slowly declined, and I got stuck with the story, and how to go about it. I started production on the apartment a few days later. It was very tedious, in fact I was so stuck, that I had to draw a map for myself.

About around my Birthday, June 15th, I slowly worked on the Apartment and actually got a lot of the lobby done. I decided to add an outside too, as a kind of area that the player might be able to go to later as an easter egg (it would start locked).

Since then, I haven't did much, and recent viewings of other mods have given me ideas of much better things, things that I can't put into Why? or that would require renaming the mod and remaking it again.

So I am sorry to say, that this mod is dead.
Maybe some day, after I actually release something worth viewing, I will go back to this mod, and start again. Anyone who helped in the mod, I will keep your additions to the mod for future projects, and will give due credit.

This mod was truly a very educational experience and I am glad I learned so much in the field of mapping. It gives me hope that when I am older, and have even more patience, that I can sit down and produce something amazing. Because I am actually not quite as old as you think.

This is Muffinz (Lead Developer and Mapper) and Hammy (Texture Artist and Moral support), signing off.

For now.


Please contact ModDB that this mod is dead, or else it'll just bump every once in a while for no reason.

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TheOneMuffin Author

I would like to acknowledge the fact that I said I might someday come back to this mod and finish it.

It's dead for now, but it could come back later.

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