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Today's update will consist of me answering some questions, I've done by best to pick the most topical and frequently asked queries.

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1) How far into development is the mod and when will the release be?
I've already made a lot of content, but it's too early to talk about a full release date. The mod wont be too large as I will focus on the quality of the maps rather than the quantity. I intend to complete the project by December 2011. in early October I will give an exact date for when the modification will be available for public download.

2) What is the storyline for the mod?
Alien’s Time follows a member of the interior Ministry as they investigate the city of Klinok. What their role is and why they are located in the city will be discussed in future updates. All other details of the storyline you will learn after the release, which is generally quite simple and logical.

3) Why did you make a modification for the Gold Source engine ? The technology is obsolete!
There are several reasons why I chose HL1;
First of all, I prefer to produce a mod for Half-Life, because I have a good working knowledge of the engine and I have the necessary experience to work with all utilities needed to produce all the various assets.
Secondly, the modification is not created from scratch, and uses assets previously created by me. This greatly simplifies my work with the project.
Third, in the future I do not plan to take part in any other Level Design. So, this choice is the easiest for me, and makes the development time shorter so I can make a release sooner rather than later.
You might think there is no point in working with such old technology but I must disagree!

4) Is the modification part of the Half-Life universe?
Only indirectly, but Freeman will make an appearance

5) Will there be any modification of any new graphics innovation?
Probably not. The emphasis is on mapping, gameplay and storyline.

It should be noted that in the modification, I use models that have been posted by authors for use in other free projects as
I cannot model, because I am only a mapper. All names of the relevant authors whose models I use, will be included in the credits for the mod, such as vehicles from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
The total number of updates will be eleven. The last updated blog is will be the mod release. New information about the project will be posted at regular intervals of about 10-15 days.

The English version - D3ads

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