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Duke Nukem 3D Armageddon Edition to be released on April 19th!

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On the 25th Anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D's full release, the most badass mod for Duke Nukem 3D is getting a big update...

Alien Armageddon 4.0, to be released on April 19th:

  • NEW! Attrition game mode.
    • Battle through a random sequence of some of the best community maps, gaining levels and upgrades as you progress.
    • Enemies will get more powerful, too, culminating in an epic boss fight.
    • With randomized enemies and almost 200 maps to draw from, Attrition is a new experience every time.
    • Start a new game, select New Episodes then the War of Attrition episode to play.
  • Enemies have been overhauled with new art and abilities. There are some new enemy types, too.
  • The portable vendor is now standard issue, and you can buy a much larger variety of weapon upgrades and perks with the coins you earn from slaying enemies.
  • New NPCs and details have been added to previously released episodes, including the originals from 1996.
  • The Space Gladiators episode has been partially remixed/rebalanced and includes two new maps replacing weaker matches.
  • The New Invasion episode now kicks off with a new map featuring Bombshell in an EDF base under siege.
  • More costume choices for Duke and Bombshell, now selectable with a variety of colors from the in-game character menu.
  • Now you can rescue civilians from the clutches of the slimy alien tentacles and earn a cash reward.
  • Megatons of bug fixes and general improvements!
Strogglet15 - - 1,324 comments

I tell ya, I can hardly wait, Attrition just HAS to be fantastic with this mod!

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darkmarmy2 - - 90 comments

Now I REALLY cannot wait for this to come out...

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St.Jimmy23 - - 64 comments


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XX1992 - - 107 comments

I almost literally can't wait! Super excited!

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Guest - - 689,035 comments

Lets Go

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