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We are happy to announce our first game, Alchemic Jousts, currently in development. We will post in on Steam Greenlight very soon, and we will need your help! Check out the images and video to learn more about the game.

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Water beats Fire. Fire beats Earth. Earth beats Water. Air… flies.

From there, everything gets complicated as you discover new Elementals with more powerful abilities, Spells to help your elementals or to harm the enemy ones, Buffs to place in your controlled zones and Enchants to affect the Elementals that enter those zones.

Alchemic Jousts is a Strategic 2D Combat game in which you will command Elementals to beat your opponent in a singular combat. Gain experience and Reagents after each successful game in order to discover new Skills to help you beat harder enemies.

The combat system is designed to make you take quick and wise decisions to succeed, and the randomized enemies, Global Effects and different Game Modes will make you adapt your build and strategy before each game.

Key Features

- Single Player and Player vs Player modes, including local PvP with a single copy of the game (connecting a second mouse to your computer).

- Strategic combat system where selecting the correct build is as important as playing it correctly. Button smashing won’t win the game.

- Discover new Skills by combining the ones you already know. Starting with the 4 basic elements and having more than 180 to discover, it will take you a while to find them all.

- Unlock passives to improve your active skills and your tower capabilities.

- Strategically create your build for each game, depending on your discovered skills, your play style, the game mode and its Global Effects. There are millions of possible builds to try.

- Each game will have a chance to have randomized Global Effects on it, which will enormously change the game conditions for both players. You will be able to see them before starting the game, and adapt your build and strategy in consequence.

- Several game modes, each one with different objectives and strategies, including Combat, Endless, King of the Hill, Attack, Capture... and more to come.

- Each game will feature an enemy with a randomized skill set and randomized Global Effects, no game will be the same.

- Adjust the difficulty according to your needs. Select easy games for a more casual gameplay or hard ones to get better rewards and a challenge suitable for a Hardcore gamer.

- Smart resource system which will automatically distribute the resources you generate will allow you to forget about resource management and focus on the action.

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