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The summary of this summer's news and developments of the AirwaySim's Online Airline Simulation.

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Hello all airline managers out there!

Here's a summary of what's new at AirwaySim's airline simulations. There have been a lot of new additions lately, and hopefully you'd like to try them out too and tell us what you like of them.

New major feature: Start with ready-made airlines

Starting up with a new virtual airline in AirwaySim is now easier than ever before, thanks to a new feature available now in all of our online game worlds.

All players can now choose a start-up option where the system automatically generates the basis of the new airline. This includes first two or three aircraft operating on routes that have enough passenger demand potential, full aircraft route schedules, company marketing, staffing and all other necessary start-up steps.

The new easy start is very simple: The player can choose the desired continent and type of airline, and he is then presented a selection of suitable airports and aircraft types matching the available routes. Upon selection the AirwaySim's backend system will lease the aircraft, create routes and schedules and will complete all other steps to get the airline flying quickly and easily. This feature is mainly aimed for all new users to our simulations since we wish to make joining the games less complicated.

If you have played AirwaySim before and didn't quite catch it back then, now is a good time to play again. Just join a game world and choose the "easy start" option when you are about to create your airline!

New airline start-up

New airline boosts

Another new feature (added in early summer) is the new airline boosts feature set. These changes have been created to help new airlines to get their operations started in existing/established game worlds. These 'boosts' consist of operational discounts and small boosts to airline image values when the airline is started.

There are four different (fully automatic) helpers for the new players:

  • Route Image boost: The first four destinations of a new airline will receive a boost to their initial route image.
  • Airport operation fee discounts: The first four destinations of a new airline will receive 12 month discounts on the airport fees (passenger fee, landing fee, handling fee, navigation fee).
  • Company image boost: There is a mild boost for the initial company image of a new airline.
  • Starting cash boost: The starting cash increases if you join a game world later on.

These small 'helpers' are done in a way that are related to real-life, as well as adding a small gaming element from other MMO games. All the boosts are available to all players, regardless how experienced the player itself is or how old his user account it - only the age of the airline itself matters.

New airline boosts

Other new features and updates

Besides of these major features there have been other smaller changes and updates. The important ones of these are:

  • Aircraft leasing related updates. Players leasing aircraft to other players may now set the minimum required technical condition for the aircraft - if it falls below that under the operation of the other player the aircraft is grounded until repaired. Leased aircraft can be now also stored in the long-term "desert" parking. And further, the leasing price for short leases is calculated better now.
  • World Events module has been updated with more random events, and pictures for all events to make the news more lively.
  • 16 new airports added to Kazakhstan.

  • Lots of various small bugfixes too!


Airline simulation

AirwaySim's Airline Simulation is a realistic multiplayer online simulation for the serious aviation and business enthusiast:

  • In AirwaySim you can create your own airline and build your very own airline empire, you are the airline CEO.
  • You will start off small with older used aircraft and work your way through to the big leagues of large international air carriers. Or you may choose to run a small regional carrier if you like - you are fully in charge.
  • Expand your airline with new routes and aircraft and open new base airports. Manage the ticket prices, staffing levels and route schedules of your airline to optimize your profits. You have dozens and dozens of possibilities and functions available to manage your airline.
  • You can choose to play in the historical scenarios with old propliners or in the modern ages with new jets.
  • Compete against other managers worldwide - all management moves directly affect the other players. You can also team up in airline alliances.
  • AirwaySim includes realistic and complex financial model with powerful reporting tools - a true business simulation.
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