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Additional visual spectacle: bullet trails and module fragments.

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Airships 6.4 is out, incorporating observations and suggestions from the two festivals I recently presented the game at. This update concentrates on more spectacular graphics. Major changes include modules breaking apart into visible fragments and shots leaving trails and exhausts. Oh, and there is now a French translation, courtesy of the Airships community!


  • French translation!
  • Sorting and filtering when opening ship/building designs.
  • Option for toggling to outside view during combat.
  • Ship command buttons are now in a fixed panel at the bottom of the screen, making them easier to click in the heat of battle.
  • More UI noises.

Graphical Enhancements

  • Modules now fall apart into fragments.
  • Modules now destruct after a delay for more dramatic visuals.
  • Rockets have exhausts now, and grenades have sparks.
  • Shots leave trails.
  • The part of the coat of arms being edited now pulses.


  • Made wooden armour slightly worse and heavy wooden armour slightly better.
  • Multi-storey modules with ladders now have floors on all levels, making ship layouting a bit less confusing.


  • Obstruction beam drawing in ship editor.
  • Lighting on flipped modules.
  • Designing ships from the city defence screen no longer sometimes goes wrong.
  • Scroll bars no longer cuts off the bottom few pixels.
  • Large fires are less bad for graphical performance.
  • Crew no longer shout about missing ammo at the start of battles.
  • Various translation errors.

Compatibility Notice

A small number of people on Windows have been unable to launch Airships. I've added a second launch option to run the game using the Java installed on your machine rather than the one shipped with the game. This may help you to get the game running. In other cases, the problem appears to be a lack of OpenGL support. Try updating your graphics drivers. Let me know if either of these fixes work for you.

What's next?

Full steam ahead for Airships 7! Landships!

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