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Airborne Divisions have now been confirmed, and will be dropping in after the Infantry Divisions

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Since the main 4 Airborne Divisions are mostly Allied, i've done the 4 which are the most heard of

UK 6th Airborne Division - Fighting from Operation Tonga the British Airlandings in Normandy to Operation Varsity near Wesal in 8 Missions

1. Pegaus Bridge
2. Mervile
3. Defending Pegasus Bridge
4. To the Seine River
5. Winter Strike
6. Bergen
7. Drop Zone A
8. Drop Zone B

101st Airborne Division - The famous "Screaming Eagles" fight from Normandy to Bastogne in bitter cold weather through 9 Missions

1. Drop Zones - Map in Progress
2. Brécourt Manor - Map Completed
3. Carentan - File Lost - Restarting
4. Graignes
5. Zon
6. Best
7. Nuenen - File Lost - Restarting
8. Bois Jacques - File Lost - Restarting, Map in Progress
9. Foy - File Lost - Restarting

1st Airborne Division - The 1st Airborne Division which was demanded by Winston Churchill fought from the Raids of France to its Disaster at Arnhem in 8 Missions

1. The Biting Operation - Map Completed
2. Freshman Operation
3. Ponte Grande Bridge - Map Completed
4. Primosole Bridge - Map Completed
5. Wolfheze - Map Completed
6. Oosterbeek - Map in Progress
7. Arhnem
8. Evacuation at Oosterbeek - Map in Progress

82nd Airborne Division - The "All American"s Fight from Sicily to the Forests of the Ardennes in 7 battle hardened missions

1. Sicily
2. Paestum - Map in Progress
3. St-Mere-Eglise
4. Chef-du-Pont
5. Grave
6. Nijmegen
7. Webermont

Crazy9Melon8 - - 945 comments

missions of the 101 airborne looks like the alied campaign of Company of Heroes

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WookieeDavidson Author
WookieeDavidson - - 315 comments

Almost except Company of Heroes doesn't have Brecourt, Graignes, Zon, Nuenen, Bios Jacques or Foy

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csrguerilla - - 149 comments

I can help with maps of 1st airborne division

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Aliens.Predator - - 318 comments

strongly output !

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