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Announcing the release of the second update for AHL2 v2.

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It has taken us a little longer than last time but the Ministry of Action is proud to release patch 2 for Action Half-Life 2 v2 today. This patch was primarily meant to fix the frequent server crashes and we were finally able to reproduce and fix them. We also verified several times that this patch really fixes the problem. Since it took us quite long to do so we also had time to work on other aspects of the game. This makes the changelog a little lenghty, but read for yourself:

- Fixed frequent server crashes (for real this time) – please be aware that this is a server-side fix, if the server you’re playing on is unpatched the game will still crash
- Fixed weapons staying hidden after some actions
- Fixed knife and grenade duping bugs
- Fixed mp_limitteams not working
- Fixed wallclimb not working where it should (maps still have to account for the wallclimb system)
- Fixed teamspawn grids not working when they should (mappers have to make sure there's enough room around a spawn point for the grid to be created)
- Fixed players spawning in the middle of the opposite team
- Fixed several uniques being overpowered
- Fixed bump map on the sniper rifle body
- Fixed player wingstun not playing the male scream when falling from great heights
- Fixed the scream looping when falling into shallow water
- Fixed revolver world model texture
- Fixed issues with the junction between left hand and left hand thumb on the hands view model
- Fixed clipping issues with knife throw idle animation
- Fixed several clipping issues on the desert eagle idle animations
- Fixed head bobbed to the right on player animations
- Fixed mipmap issues on player models
- Fixed secondary attack on the sawnoff not showing the correct animation and muzzle particle on the view model
- Fixed weapons being extremely shiny (except on doombank, that's just not possible)

Updates, additions and miscellaneous changes:
- Updated death icons
- Updated revovler and sidearms ammo pickups
- Optimized and changed particle effects
- Heavy edits on the bandage model and animation
- Edits to the reload animation of non-emptied akimbo weapons
- Added Italian translation by Joghi
- Added lag compensation for kungfu swing and kick as well as knife swing attacks
- Added dynamic footstep sound volume back in
- Added auto team balance feature for both teambased game modes
- Updated spanish translation
- Added separate crosshairs for the weapons (some of them being shared)
- Added sniper zoomed crosshair
- New world model for the stealth slippers
- Edited and optimized several player model textures
- Optimized assault rifle barrel texture
- Updated silencer texture
- Tweaked snper rifle scope texture
- Optimized revolver world model
- Optimized shotgun world model
- Added new sawnoff muzzle flash particle
- New shotgun pickup icon
- Updated the shotgun ammo icon
- Optimized grenade textures
- Added five fingered hands for players minky, jersey, johnson and powertrip
- Changed player wingtsun's suit color to white
- Updated the possible team list so it'll also be easy to tell who's who
- Changed walljump: mappers can now place func_wall entities if they don't want players to be able to walljump off a specific wall

For those of you who like to keep score: there are 46 items on the list. That's enough reading for you, here are the download links. As always there is an installer and a .zip file which also includes the update .so binary for Linux. Both include the changes from patch 1, so they work on both the AHL2v2 release version and the patch 1 version.

Windows Installer:
AHL2v2update2 Windows Installer mirror provided by

.zip version, also includes Linux server binary (just unzip in your SourceMods/orangebox folder overwriting existing files):
AHL2v2update2 .zip version mirror provided by

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great news !

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tinton551 - - 1 comments

Do I need to download all of the uppdates or just this one and action half life ver 2?

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