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Reports are in on crashes still happening with the updated release.

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We've been notified about the crashes still existing in the updated version. It's the kind of stuff you don't want to happen, but it does. Next up is digging deeper into the problem to fix it once and for all. So please bear with the crashes for some additional days and try joining our server "AHL2 - Crash Test Dummies" which will be used to collect debug information.

We're sorry about the release being so crashy and are doing our very best to solve the problem.

Dragonlord - - 1,934 comments

The problem is that the crash happens "while joining" so your server is not going to help much there. It seems to be a client side problem and it seems to be due to some files incorrectly send. As far as I remember something with a map world entity or something. Shows up for too short time to read. Seems also to happen in general when changing the server. More I could though not figure out so far.

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[ladnet]brad Author
[ladnet]brad - - 48 comments

The problem while joining is actually the known "worldmodel not yet setup" problem. Looks like this is more map-related than code related as people get it with custom TF2 maps as well.

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gravetracer - - 39 comments

Also, I'd suggest a nerf for the knives and the handcannon, people seem to be only using these 1 hit kill weapons in Last Man Standing. Also, will we ever see the Semi-auto sniper and the Colt SAA return from AHL1 ?

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Velancious - - 1,978 comments

The deagle I believe only kills when headshots. Is that your handcannon or are you referring to the Magnum?

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JoeNuggets - - 102 comments

knifes should kill only if throwed in the head or heart i think. it's ridiculously easy to kill with knifes to even think about using guns. other than that i think this mod has potential to exist in our next lan party on july.

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tymaxbeta - - 1,059 comments

Personally, knifes rent too great without stealth slippers, people hear you from a mile away, and to hit from more than 7 feet away from the target takes more skill than aiming and shooting any day. Besides that, the hand cannon is seriously overpowered though...

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Dragonlord - - 1,934 comments

Actually this mod needs quite a bit of balancing.

1) Knives
Overpowered. In AHL1 they killed if hitting the chest or head. Hits on arms legs do damage and make you limp (in the case of the legs). Here though you can mostly hit anywhere and it kills. Also precision of the knives in AHL2 is higher than in AHL1. Should be lower

2) Handcannon
Has always been overpowered. Difficult to power it down. From point blank it will kill you in one shot in RL. Really difficult to balance that one in a sane way that is not artificial.

3) Sniper
Totally inaccurate. It's ridiculous that on 100+ meters a pistol hits more precisely than a sniper rifle scoped. It's okay if out of the hip shots are inaccurate but while zoomed it's just totally off if you can't even hit an elephant with an entire clip spent.

Just a few things out of my head I noticed comparing AHL2 to AHL1. Random equipment matches are currently the best way to tackle the unbalancing of the weapons. Some tuning would be though still heavily required.

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barronofhellion - - 294 comments

i agree with the sniper comment ... although i dont remember it being totally accurate in ahl1 either unless you had a laser on it

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[ladnet]brad Author
[ladnet]brad - - 48 comments

The weapon balance is not final and subject to change in the next release, based on the experience with the values in the current release. First up is fixing those server crashes.

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