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New releases were launched (v0.2.3 + v0.2.4) with a lot of new features and fixes

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Age of Jura - Release v0.2.3 + v0.2.4

New releases were launched (v0.2.3 + v0.2.4) with a lot of new features and fixes


  • Bugfix: Shooting a projectile (spear/arrow/spit) was very laggy (bug was introduced in v0.2.3 by the 'under attack' message)

Age of Jura - v0.2.4 - shooting arrows

  • Bugfix: The researched speed was only applied on the in-game units and not on the newly crafted units
  • Bugfix: Instantly update the max population limit after a hut is build or destroyed
  • Improve the topright corner UI: Grey-out the unit icon in the topright corner if you don't have any units of that type
  • Improve the topright corner UI: Be able to select all (+idle) units of a specific type instead of only the idle ones (hover with the mouse over the icon to see the current amount of units of that type, click to select all, click on the 'idle' button below that to only select the idle units of that type)

Select all units or all idle units - Age of Jura - v0.2.4


  • New research: "Sharp Arrows" (Archers do more damage) - only available after research 'Archery' is completed

Research Sharp Arrows - Age of Jura - v0.2.3

  • Show a notification somewhere in the screen if any of your structures or units are under attack

Under attack - Age of Jura - v0.2.3

  • Villagers are now able to repair damaged structures

Units can repair a structure - Age of Jura - v0.2.3

  • Create selectable groups of units to have more control (quicker selections when attacking) usage: select a group of units, press CTRL+1 to assign to group 1. Select another group of units, press CTRL+2 to assign to group 2. Now you can quickly press the key 1 to select group 1, and press the key 2 to select group 2 (works for all number keys 0-9). Comes in handy when for example you want your warriors to be in the front and your archers following at a distance: create a group for your warriors and a group for your archers and while attacking switch between the groups.
  • A Dinosaur will first go to sleep at the spot where it will create a new nest, to make it visually clear that a new nest is being created (you can quickly kill that dinosaur if you don't want another nest)

Protoceratops sleeping before creating a new nest - Age of Jura - v0.2.3

  • Got rid of the difficult calculation for new nests, now: after a dinosaur of any nest is attacked, a random dinosaur of that nest will wonder off after a certain time to create a new nest (it will first sleep at that spot)
  • New nests will be created further away from the current nest
  • Added an option in the menu to change the brightness of the game

Brightness Setting - Age of Jura - v0.2.3

  • Disable the minimap in the Arena
  • Bugfix: The edges of the Arena were visible, they are now hidden
  • Bugfix: Remove the 'corner-darkness' (vignette) after a level has started
  • Bugfix: Fix the mouse hover bug when hovering over 'build structure' panel
  • Bugfix: Fix rare animation bug for archers
  • Bugfix: When a structure is placed on the edge of the water, the ground will lift a bit higher up to avoid water flowing 'into' the structure
  • Bugfix: Humans were getting stuckbetween two smelters if they were placed too close to each other
  • Bugfix: When the multiplier 5x or 10x was selected (at a structure) then the amount of costs for a new structure also did show they costs 5x or 10x more
  • Bugfix: When x-ray is disabled, and selection is still active, the selected units are still highlighted in green (instead of blue)
  • Bugfix: Fix bug where sometimes Villagers can be shown as 'idle' but they are not (they are just standing still a split second after dropping off stuff for example)

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