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A lot has happened. I quit my job, moved house and started working on Waves full time. lets see how that worked out shall we?

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Lets start with a video!

More info, screenshots and a desktop wallpaper beneath the cut! Been a while hasn't it? The last time I was here I promised a demo sometime early this year. Well that didn't happen did it?I do however have some very good reasons for it not happening. The first is that as of the start of March I have been working on Waves full time. This involved quitting my old job and moving house (no income means no expensive Cambridge rent). This took a while to sort out but is now sorted out.

The second is that when I promised the demo I said I wouldn't release anything until I had a half decent UI for it. This took far longer than expected and is now mostly finished. The third and most important one though: I don't want to release something I'm not happy with yet. I've only just gotten back into doing the gameplay rather than UI so I've not had much time to work on enemies or bugs. So with everything the way it is I've only just gotten around to fiddling with Time Attack. I have 4 more game modes to work on and one of those involves scripting up 20 30 second challenges. For now I have some new screenshots and a snazzy desktop wallpaper which; aside from the watermark, is exactly how it came out of the game. Shaders can be awesome sometimes.

Waves Desktop Wallpaper
Waves WIP - May 2011 Waves WIP - May 2011
Waves WIP - May 2011 Waves WIP - May 2011
Waves WIP - May 2011 Waves WIP - May 2011

Murdouken - - 317 comments

I assume if you rae going full time that means the game will cost money when it's finally released? Any ideas on roughly how much it will cost?

Other than that, looking fantastic. Keep up the good work.

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EmanuelMontero - - 50 comments

Awesome! I really love it :D

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ind1 - - 177 comments

looking very nice,

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

EYE ******

nice to hear something about this game again, this will definitely be a buy for me :D

btw, have you considered using steam to sell it?

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