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The 1.0c patch may fix a few issues, as some of the worst offending units were tweaked a bit to hopefully avoid them.

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After 2 years, since apparently there is still some interest in the mod, I'm releasing a really quick patch that should fix issues with the Harbinger's unstable fortress mode. Avengers have also had their size increased to their air collision should work a bit better.

The memory patcher was slightly updated to add a new feature to let non-standard buildings set rally points correctly (yay!). However, the data started to look incorrect in the modding utility after I updated the mod to the new version. In-game, the mod appears to work properly though.

Let me know if the crashing is reduced or if I broke something else. Also, theres no editor included with this version, as I dont have the utility needed to make the cool modded editors anymore. I might add it back later on. You can continue to use the old version's editor to make campaign maps though.

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I found a bug: the shadow of the probe in a moment turns on a scv and next the game crashes.
The other is when you wanna build the pit colony(zerg) requires overmind, but when you build the overmind you can't select the building icon of the pit colony

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